men's skin care

Men’s Skin Care for Iowa Winters

men's skin care

Winter in Iowa is coming and will be upon us sooner than you may think. Preparing for freezing rain, snow and ice, you’re probably not thinking about how dry the air gets in the Midwest over the next several months. It’s at this time that men’s skin care becomes important to fight off itching, flaking and cracking.

Winter weather can take its toll on your hair, scalp and skin. If you spend a lot of time outdoors during the winter, or you prefer being holed up inside with central heating or a roaring fire, these conditions strip moisture from your hair and skin, and leave you with coarse hair, rough skin, and cracked or dry hands.

Fortunately, a few simple strategies can keep your hair healthy and prevent your skin from getting too dry.

  • The Humidifier is your friend. During the long winter months, most Iowans have their furnace running constantly. Do you shock yourself at every light switch or touching every doorknob? Having the heat on inside dries the air as well as your hair and skin. While you can get single-room or whole-house units, it’s most important to have one running while you sleep. It not only nourishes your skin, it helps keep your sinuses clear and ready to fight off illness. Also, drink plenty of water and hydrate from the inside-out. Your skin will thank you.
  • Exfoliate. Exfoliate. Exfoliate. It might sound gross that your skin cells are constantly dying, but they’re also constantly being replaced by fresh new cells. Keep your skin looking fresh and healthy by getting rid of the dry, dead skin to keep it looking and feeling great. During the dry winter months, exfoliating – scrubbing off the dead skin cells – is a great addition to any men’s skin care regimen.
  • Take cooler showers. When the temperatures drop, it’s natural to want to turn up the heat in your shower – fight the urge! Hot water will actually strip your skin and hair of necessary oils will suck the moisture from your skin, especially when the air is dry. Try to keep the water warm enough to be comfortable and use an oatmeal-infused body wash to lock in moisture.
  • Use lotion. (We have some great ones!) It’s a no-brainer for dry or cracked skin. But you get the most benefit if you put it on immediately after showering. When you do this, lotion helps capture moisture still on your skin after showering (and drying off) and use it to moisturize your skin. Men’s skin care can be an easy addition to your regular routine and can keep your skin from that dreaded dry winter itch.

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