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Men’s Hair Color: Tips to Keep Your Color On Point

men's hair colorSome guys seem to pull off going gray without missing a beat. Men’s hair color tends to create the image that’s projected. Actors like Richard Gere and Harrison Ford transitioned gracefully to gray and still look great with it. And whether or not you’re a fan of the Avengers movies, you’ve probably seen Mark Ruffalo playing the dual role of Bruce Banner and the Incredible Hulk, sporting a salt-and-pepper style.

If you’re happy with going gray, that’s great. It’s a look that suits a lot of guys as they age. But if you prefer to keep your natural color a little longer, subtle hair coloring techniques can help. Here are a few things we always talk to clients about when they want to keep the gray away a little longer.

  1. Plan to get your hair colored every four to six weeks. When you’re going gray, this is the optimal time to color your hair and keep it looking natural. Maintenance is the key to great men’s hair color.
  1. Use color-friendly shampoo. Grab just any shampoo off the shelf, and it just might strip away the color added to your hair to hide your grays. Ask us about hair care products designed to protect hair color.
  1. Leave hair coloring to the professionals. You could take your chances on an over-the-counter men’s hair color dye kit, but it’s tough to go that route and get a totally natural look, especially if you’re trying to hide your early grays. To achieve the best results, coloring hair requires a specific amount of time to get that natural-color look and prevent early fading.
  1. Hair exposed to sunlight is going to fade faster. After getting your hair colored, wear a hat when you’re outdoors.  If you’re just not a hat guy, some haircare products contain sunscreen that can also help prevent fading from sun exposure.
  1. Protect your hair from chlorine when swimming. If you plan to jump in the pool, you’ve got to prevent chlorine from wreaking havoc on your hair color. Some ways to do this include, thoroughly wetting your hair before getting in the water, using a conditioner you can leave in while swimming, or wearing a swim cap.

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