trump hair style

Hair Cuts That Promise Trump-Style Satisfaction

You’ve heard of Donald Trump, right?

He’s the billionaire businessman who is just as well known for his blonde-colored comb-over as he his for making the phrase, “You’re fired!” popular. Yet, every step he’s taken from real estate mogul to presidential candidate, Trump never fails to show up with his signature hair style when he’s in the spotlight.trump hair style

His hair has become so iconic, it was part of a string of jokes on a recent episode of Saturday Night Live. But instead of his own comb-over, which he says he does himself, he wore a Sia wig in a skit that let the hair jokes fly while he stood there unresponsive. It was funny, but you have to wonder if his hair could be getting in the way of seeing himself in the White House.

Improve Your Look – No Comb-Overs Required

What about you? Is your hair getting in the way? If it’s too long, too short, or just doesn’t have the color and style you need to be successful, maybe it’s time for a change. Don’t worry, we don’t endorse Trump-style comb-overs at Signature Male.

But our stylists are all trained to help you look your best. You may not be planning to hit the road on the campaign trail, but you’ve no doubt got your own important things to attend to. If you want to look your best on the job, for a special event, or it’s just time to refine your look, we can help.

The I-Love-My-Hair Promise

A quick outline trim may be all you need for a big weekend out. Or maybe your hair has reached near-comb-over stage, and it’s time for a full-on haircut, complete with shampoo and conditioner, scalp massage, and styling.

Get your hair cut at Signature Male, and you’ll walk out of here telling everyone you know in true Trump-style, “I love my hair.”

Take a good look in the mirror. If you decide it’s time to pay us a visit (And, yes, we’re talking to you Donald…), give us a call at 515-224-4849 or schedule an appointment online by clicking here.