receding hairline

Embrace That Receding Hairline With These Styles for Men

receding hairlineA receding hairline is faced differently by each man. Some will embrace it or ignore it, some will buy creams and pills to fight it to the death. Whether you notice your forehead growing in your 20s or you’ve been blessed by the hair gods well into your 50s, there are ways to battle the receding hairline without spending a fortune or making it obvious that you’re losing your hair.

How you confront your receding hairline depends on how your hair is retreating and how far into the process you are starting the fight. It’s natural to try to regrow your hair or wear hats or try out the comb-over look. The image of a thick, full head of hair is tied so tightly to youth and virility that it’s hard to see that it has no real influence on your perceived “manliness” and to just roll with it. We at Signature Male want to help, so we offer some of the best styles for men that will help battle your receding hairline.

  • French Crop or High and Tight: It may sound counter-intuitive, but the best styles for thinning hair keep the hair cut short on the sides and back, and a little longer on the top. Layering the longer hair on top with a fade will make that thin hair appear thicker than you and your stylist know it is.
  • Smooth Shave or Buzzcut: For some men, it’s just easier to give in and help Mother Nature along. Embrace the receding hairline and stop fighting the inevitable! If you’re not sure you want to jump right into a clean pate, try the buzzcut. Leave a little to cover the skin and ease into the full shave look if you like the way the buzz looks.
  • Faux Hawk or Short High Fade: These styles are all about the optical illusion. If your widow’s peak is simply growing more and more pronounced, you’re most of the way to a faux hawk style already! With the hair shaved to a very short fade with the hair left much longer on top, the attention is drawn to the center of the hair and away from the hairline. You can still keep the faux hawk short – no super glue required – to maintain a neat, professional look.
  • Comb-Over: This isn’t Uncle Ernie’s obvious attempts at covering his bald head. This style goes by another name – the Side Part. Use the receding hairline as the lowest point of your natural part and comb the hair over to the side. You give your thin hair the illusion of having weight and volume with this timeless style. All you need is a comb and some product to make your hair behave and look great all day.

Genetics, hormones, lifestyle and even your hair products can have an effect on how far your receding hairline will go. Stop fighting it and, instead, let the experts at Signature Male help you discover the best way to ease yourself and your style into your retreating hair. Not every style works for every face and head shape, so come in and talk to one of our highly trained stylists to find the look that’s best for YOU.

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