signature male perfect hair

You CAN Have Perfect Hair!

signature male perfect hair

Perfect hair doesn’t just happen overnight. Unless you’re someone with effortless style like David Beckham, Patrick Dempsey, or Chris Hemsworth. But let’s be realistic.

Most of us don’t just roll out of bed, run a hand through the hair, and saunter into the world looking like a million bucks. Perfect hair takes some work. But it shouldn’t take too much work. How can you stack the Great Hair Deck in your favor? Signature Male knows a few tricks.

  • Work WITH your hair texture, not against it. If you have thick, wavy, coarse hair, you aren’t probably going to pull off something straight and sleek without a lot of work and a LOT of hair gel or pomade. Talk with one of our expert stylists to narrow down your options based on your particular hair type.
  • Try NOT to wash your hair every day. I know it goes against everything your mother taught you, but washing your hair every single day can actually strip your hair of its natural oils and cause it to be brittle and to look damaged. Of course, if you use product in your hair every day or if your hair tends to the oily side, this may not work for you. In this case, try some sulfate-free “no poo” to keep your hair clean without drying it.
  • Don’t fear the blow dryer. While a modified pompadour hairstyle is pretty popular these days, you may not be feeling the Elvis Presley look. But using a blow dryer can give your hair a boost, making it look and feel thicker and adding some volume to thin or fine hair.
  • Know what you want. Ish. It’s perfectly okay to bring a photo to your appointment and say, “Make my hair do THIS.” Unfortunately, not every hairstyle works with every head of hair. Keep an open mind when it comes to your hair. Sure, bring in a photo or magazine but be willing to accept modifications. Our expert stylists will make suggestions that will work with your hair, your lifestyle, your work, and the look you want to achieve. Although you may not walk out with exactly the cut in the picture, you WILL walk out feeling like a million bucks.

Not everyone can wear a flawless, effortless and paparazzi-ready hairstyle at all times. But you CAN pull off the best hairstyle for YOU. Schedule an appointment online with one of our expertly trained stylists or give us a call at 515-224-4849 to find your perfect hair!