Winter Skin Care Tips for Iowa Men

Every year, hundreds of temperature-confused Iowans show up in the middle of some horrible storm dressed in T-shirts and running shorts for races like the Red Flannel Run, B-rrry Scurry, Freeze Fest 5K, and Rosy Cheeks 5K. Even though Mother Nature shows up to some of these events in full-on freeze mode some of the diehard guys who love to be outdoors no matter what still lace up their running shoes and ice-pick their way to the finish line.

winter skin care for men des moines iowaMaybe you’re one of them. Or maybe you think those people need their head examined. Either way, winter weather can take its toll on your hair, scalp and skin. If you spend a lot of time outdoors during the winter, or you prefer being holed up inside with central heating, these conditions, while seemingly opposite, strip moisture from your hair and skin, and leave you with coarse hair, rough skin, and cracked or dry hands.

Ways to Help Your Hair and Skin Weather the Winter
Fortunately, a few simple strategies can keep your hair healthy and prevent your skin from getting too dry.

Use hair conditioner with tea tree oil. Using a deep conditioner like this helps moisturize your scalp and hair and combat the effects of being outdoors in frigid weather or inside with central heating blowing hot air through your house, car, or at the office.

Show and shampoo at night. You might have to adjust your morning routine by showering at night. But if you switch things up and take your shower in the evening, it gives your hair and skin more time to soak up moisture and avoid becoming brittle and rough. Step outside on a cool morning, and moisture from your skin and hair evaporates.

Take cooler showers. No you don’t have to stand under the shower-head with an Arctic freeze raining down on you. But showering in hot water is another common practice that causes the hair and skin to lose moisture. Go for cool, or lukewarm water, and you’ll notice a difference.

Use lotion. (We have some great ones!) It’s a no-brainer for dry or cracked skin. But you get the most benefit if you put it on immediately after showering. When you do this, lotion helps capture moisture still on your skin after showering (and drying off) and use it to moisturize your skin. You might also try a dry conditioner for your hair to apply after showering, which helps keeps your hair soft and smooth.

If your hair and skin are still too rough and dry, even after following these tips, you could benefit from the many Spa Services we offer at Signature Male to keep your hair and skin healthy and looking good.