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What’s Old is New With These Fresh Hairstyles

signature male salon, undercut, high fade, fresh hairstylesTired of your current look? Looking for something fresh? Redefine yourself and the way you look with a new hair cut and style. With current trends, what’s old is new again, with an edge. So consider some of these fresh hairstyles for a brand new you.

Undercut with Thick Comb Over

Remember when you used to snicker at the comb over? Well, those days are over as the comb over is here – and it’s here to stay. The undercut presents a trim, neat side while the top remains long. Instead of the 90’s part, the hair is combed over to one side. Looking to add a bit more interest to the undercut? Now’s the time to bring back the Vanilla Ice shave in. Make the undercut your own with your own design. There’s no rules here, other than keep the neck shaved (you can do this at home) and the undercut trim. This is a popular style right now with the likes of David Beckham.

High Fade

You can do a ton with the high fade. The high fade stays nice and tight up to your hair line. From there you have a few options. You can keep it longer for a quiff and messy fringe look or use more of a messy brush up. The beauty of the high fade is you can switch between these two looks without heading back to the salon.

Dig the old 1920s look? You can go the way of Tom Hardy and use the high fade with a side part. This is like combining the high fade with the thick comb over. The hair tapers a bit by the fade (which can be extra pronounced with a trimmer) but it keeps the longer hair neater on the top. Think of it as an update on the 1920s gangster look. Sophisticated with an edge. Gotta love that

Slicked Back High Fade

Notice a pattern? The high fade is in. With the slicked back look, you’ll comb the long top hair back and use styling moose to maintain a wet hair look. This is best done with a beard as it adds a bit of symmetry to your face. Just make sure to take care of the beard and use proper oils to keep it healthy. Don’t be the guy with the unkempt beard. Colin McGregor, the fighter, rocks this ultra-masculine kind of look.

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