massage for men in west des moines

Types of Massages for Men in Iowa

Massage therapy for men has become increasingly popular in recent years. Massage Des Moines Iowa services are highly appreciated among men. It enhances the experience for men particularly when the facility exclusively caters to men only. Men massage therapists in Iowa are highly skilled and experienced in providing different types of massages.
1004735_10151692474957456_441922440_nSwedish Massage
Swedish massage ranks among the most popular massages among men around the world. It involves rubbing of the muscles with smooth, gliding strokes. The strokes are usually performed in the same direction as the blood flows to the heart. Swedish massage techniques help to stimulate the oxygen levels in the blood, reduce toxins in the muscles, and enhance muscular flexibility while relieving body tension.

Trigger Point Massage Therapy
Trigger point massage therapy aims to relax critical trigger points in the body that may cause body ache if pressure is applied upon them. For instance, a trigger point in the spinal area may result in triggering a sharp pain in the neck. Trigger point massage in Des Moines Iowa can help to mitigate pain right at the source through cycles of focused pressure and release.

Sports Massage
This is an ideal massage therapy for men who engage in athletic or other physical activities, or who may simply be morning joggers. The massage can be customized according to the needs of the individual and may focus on a particular troubled area such as a shoulder or a knee joint. Expert massage therapists in Iowa offers high quality sports massage therapy.

Reflexology Massage263372_10151620406727748_1255939362_n
Reflexology massage for men focuses exclusively on the feet and hands. It makes use of target points on the body’s extremities to deliver signals of relaxation to the brain and enables a balancing of the nerves throughout the body. Pressure is applied on the reflex points that correspond to various body organs. It releases endorphins throughout the body and helps to restore the body’s equilibrium and alleviates stress.