rejuvenating scalp and face massage

Treat Yourself to a Rejuvenating Scalp and Face Massage

rejuvenating scalp and face massageIf you’ve never experienced a rejuvenating scalp and face massage before you’re in for a treat. The pure bliss to come from the gentle, firm manipulation of the pressure points in your scalp is relaxing by itself. But there are plenty of health and beauty benefits associated with a scalp and face massage as well. So if you’re considering a new style before heading off to college, you feel a bit scruffy around the edges or are just tight and need a shot of rejuvenation to get you through the day, Signature Male is your one stop destination for all things men’s grooming, style and comfort.

Boost Your Mood

During your scalp and face massage, your body will naturally increase its production of serotonin. This is a chemical the body releases to boost mood. A massage also increases blood flow in the region. With an increase of blood flow you’ll increase the amount of oxygen running through your head, which helps fight colds and and increase lymphatic drainage. Your stylist may choose to use massage oil including peppermint and menthol, which helps penetrate the skin and muscles.

Improve Hair Growth

Do you have thinning hair? Does it seem like it takes forever for your hair to grow back? If so, a scalp and face massage may be the perfect addition to your haircare regimen. Due to an increase in blood flow through the scalp, additional nutrients are delivered to the hair follicles, which in turn helps increase hair production. By regularly including a scalp and face massage, you’ll begin to see not only an improvement in the overall thickness of your hair, but it will begin to grow back faster. It’s just another excuse to stop on by Signature Male between cuts for a soothing massage.

Ease Allergy Symptoms

Spring can be an excruciating time of year for allergy sufferers. You’re either sniffling and sneezing your way through life or you have fog-brain from your allergy medicines. But with a scalp and face massage focusing on sinus pressure points, we can help relieve seasonal discomfort in the neck, around the face, and through the upper shoulder area.

The beauty of a rejuvenating scalp and face massage is it doesn’t take long. You may want it to never end, but when you’re tight on time and just need a quick way to relieve some stress, there’s nothing better than an fast and efficient massage of your scalp and face. So whether you’re looking for a stand alone massage or want to pair it with a hair cut, style, manicure or another service, Signature Male is the for-men salon dedicated to guys just like you.

Make an appointment at Signature Male online today for your rejuvenating scalp and face massage. You’ll be one step closer to an improved mood, less stress and a rejuvenated outlook on life! And don’t forget a Signature Male Gift Card for your favorite graduate!