fall pedicure for men

Treat Your Feet Right with a Fall Pedicure

fall pedicure for men

If you are moderately active, you easily take at least 10,000 steps per day from just walking around the store, crossing the parking lot, or taking the stairs at work. Mix in exercise like walking the dog, playing a round of golf or joining a quick pick-up game of basketball, and you’re counting on your feet to really go the distance. It’s all good until your feet start to hurt, smell bad, or the skin and nails get rough, ragged and itchy. Try a fall pedicure at Signature Male Salon and Day Spa!

If you want to stay light on your feet, you’ve got to give them a little more attention than just slipping on a clean pair of socks every day. Especially now, at the end of summer fun in the sand and surf, a fall pedicure can work wonders!

Here’s how to keep your feet happy:

  1. Moisturize your feet.
    Rough skin, dry cracked areas on your heel, or calluses are a cry for help from your feet. After showering, use a moisturizing body lotion on your feet. You may even want to apply moisturizer at the end of the day too.
  2. Keep your toes clean.
    Especially the space between your toes. It’s easy to jump in the shower and ignore your digits. But the space between your toes is prime real estate for dirt and bacteria. Ignore cleaning between your toes, and you’re creating the perfect environment for Athlete’s foot. Wash between your toes with soap or body wash and be sure to dry these spaces thoroughly afterwards.
  3. Wear the right shoes.
    You may have a favorite pair of shoes that’s held together by some threads, or a fancy dress shoe that looks good but doesn’t fit well. Either shoe can cause problems for your feet, create calluses or blisters, or aggravate muscles and tendons in your foot. Wearing shoes that fit properly will help prevent these types of problems.
  4. Trim your nails straight across.
    You might be tempted to dig around with your nail clippers and cut your toenails in a rounded pattern. But you shouldn’t. Cutting your nails like this increases your risk for developing an ingrown toenail. Ouch! Instead cut your nails straight across and keep them short.
  5. Keep your feet covered in public places.
    If your feet could talk, they would tell you the place they’re most terrified of is public showers, locker rooms, and swimming pool landings. The floor or ground in these public places is a breeding ground for germs and bacteria that can infect your feet. When you’re in the changing room at the pool or in the locker room at the gym, keep your feet covered with sandals or shoes.

Give your feet a little respect, and they’ll be happy to help you take a walk, run a marathon, or climb the stairs. Signature Male Salon and Day Spa has the perfect men’s pedicure package to keep your feet feeling – and looking – great!

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