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To Color or Not to Color: Is Gray Hair Okay?

“Gray hair is a blessing – just ask any bald man…” – Anonymous

Most Interesting Gray: Jonathan Goldsmith
Most Interesting Gray: Jonathan Goldsmith

As the seasons start to change, many people consider changing their style. Women will usually change from a “summer” to a “winter” hair color, typically in a darker hue or with subdued lowlights. For men, it may be a matter of growing out a beard or wearing the hair a little longer and thicker. But what about hair color for men? Fall is as good a time as any to think about covering that gray hair that has snuck up on you over the years…

Although graying hair is sometimes inevitable and is usually associated with age, have you ever wondered what the causes grays? A tube of hair tissue that contains pigment cells surrounds the root of every hair strand. These pigment cells produce the chemical called melanin that gives the hair strand its color. When a person gets older, the pigment begins to die and the melanin production decreases, which makes the strands less colorful and often times more transparent.

Genetics can play a large role in when – and if – you will start to go gray, but there are some medical conditions and lifestyle choices that can contribute to premature graying of the hair:

  • Thyroid Disease: An under active or overactive thyroid can affect the melanin production in the hair
  • B12 Deficiency: Just as it says…  you’re not getting enough of it. That’s an easy fix.
  • Vitiligo: A disease that is caused when the pigment producing cells in your skin and hair are damaged.

If you smoke, live with a lot of stress, consume a lot of garbage in your diet, have nutritional deficiencies or use products that damage the follicles (like electric dryers and hair irons) excessively – these can also contribute to premature gray hair. But there is no need to panic if you start to see a few unwanted gray hairs (or you already have a full head of polished silver). It’s okay to embrace it!

Come see the professionals at Signature Male who will help you get the right cut to enhance your new, distinguished look.

If you are set on fighting this aspect of aging, there are some alternatives. Why not blend your gray hair by adding a little color to it? Signature Male’s expert stylists can help you achieve a natural look, so that when you look in the mirror you aren’t so shocked by the color change yourself. You can also try a different cut that may diminish the appearance of grays and provide a much more dignified look. Try a trim, sleek style with the hair cropped to about a half-inch on the sides and back and about two inches on top to camouflage the silver strands. Some of our hottest celebrities are sporting gray hair, so remember it can be sexy!

If you are needing some advice on how best to showcase your new lack of color, visit Signature Male at our convenient Waukee location at 14225 University Ave., Suite 230, give us a call at 515.224.4849 or simply schedule an appointment ONLINE.