There is No Shame in a Strong Waxing Game

male waxing, chest waxing, waxing for menAbout forty years ago, rampant body hair was not only fashionable, it was considered sexy. If you don’t believe me, just go look up Tom Selleck and Burt Reynolds. Chest hair was supposed to be plentiful and visible and waxing wasn’t even a thing. Ah, the 70s were an interesting time…

Fast forward to 2016 and voluminous body hair is no longer desirable – to women OR to the men who might wear it. You have options, guys! Some men will simply cover up the excess hair, i.e. never wear a tank top or go shirtless. Some guys take the time to shave it all off, but that can be time-consuming and can irritate the skin in places you don’t want razor burn. There are others who try to simply tame the hair and shouldn’t be allowed on the internet. Ever.

Signature Male offers a wide variety of salon services, including waxing. At Signature Male, waxing is private and handled discreetly. There is no announcement for the next waxing customer, no discussion in the lobby of what body part is being cleaned up. The whole process is only between you and your stylist, as it should be. Do you want a smooth hairless back and chest? Are you looking to just clean up the edges at your collar? Is there hair growing in new, unwanted places? Signature Male can help.

Get  – and keep – the look you want with Signature Male’s variety of spa and salon services. Are you new to Signature Male? Get 15% off of your first visit! Conveniently schedule your appointment online, call us at 515.224.4849, or visit our salon at 14225 University Avenue, Suite 230 in Waukee.