men's waxing

Tame Unwanted Hair with Men’s Waxing Services

men's waxingAbout forty years ago, ample body hair was not only fashionable, it was considered sexy. If you can’t quite imagine it, take a look at Tom Selleck and Burt Reynolds. Chest hair was a sign of virility and hyper-manliness and was supposed to be plentiful and visible. Men’s waxing – or women’s, for that matter – wasn’t even a thing. Ah, the 70s were an interesting time…

Here we are in 2017 and voluminous body hair is no longer desirable – to women OR the men who might wear it. Sure, full, bushy beards are currently in vogue, but when hair starts growing out of control in places it shouldn’t be, it can’t be left unchecked. You have choices, guys! Some men will simply cover up the excess hair by never wearing a tank top and always wearing a shirt. Shaving unwanted hair is, of course, an option – unless it’s on your back or in awkward places you certainly don’t want razor burn.

That’s why Signature Male offers a wide variety of private, discreet men’s waxing services.  The whole process is only between you and your stylist, as it should be. Do have wild and crazy hair growing out of control and making you self-conscious? Signature Male can help with one or all of the following services:

  • Eyebrows

    Have you tried plucking your eyebrows? No bueno. It takes forever and hurts a lot. If the eyes are the windows to the soul, make sure your frames aren’t busted.

  • Back/Shoulders

    Thick hair on your back can be uncomfortable and cause excessive sweating through your shirts. Treat yourself to a clean-feeling torso, even if no one else sees it.

  • Chest

    Curly chest hair peeking out over your collar isn’t really attractive to most women. You don’t have to get rid of all of it, but you also don’t have to look like a caveman.

  • Nose/Ears

    It happens to the best of us; as we age, hair sprouts from places it never has before.  No matter your age, you don’t have to wear hair you don’t want.

Now, we aren’t necessarily suggesting you work down to baby-smoothness all over your body. You ARE an adult man, with all that goes with it. But if you’re feeling self-conscious or uncomfortable about the amount, placement or shape of the hair on your body, men’s waxing at Signature Male can help you look and feel better about yourself.

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