Andy Rooney needs eyebrow waxing

Tame Your Eyebrows with Waxing

For 33 years, the sometimes-cranky, opinionated and humorous TV commentator Andy Rooney, delivered a message to viewers as part of the program 60 Minutes. He talked about things like the messy world of politics, his outrage about rising food prices, the nightmares of spending time with the inlaws, and offered up his own opinion on current events.

Andy Rooney needs eyebrow waxing
Andy Rooney refused to “treat his eyebrows with respect.”

In addition to his popular rants, Rooney had at least one other trademark that was on full-display every time he appeared on TV…his eyebrows. Full and bushy, white and wispy, and sometimes even caricaturized in comics, cartoons and TV spoofs. His signature brow was part of his persona until his final TV appearance in 2011 and death at the age of 92.

Your Eyebrow Trimming and Grooming Options
If you’re going for the cranky-old-man look with a bushy, wild, and unkempt brow, by all means ignore your unibrow or traveling Amazon forest hanging out above your eyes. If that’s not exactly the look you’re going for, you’ve got to invest a little time in trimming and grooming your eyebrows.

Catch some late-night TV commercials, and there’s a good chance you’ll click your way through to a shopping channel hawking some kind of device to trim your eyebrows. If you think you want to manager your eyebrows on your own, scissor-like tools, electric shavers, or nothing more than a pair of tweezers can do the job. But if you’re rushed for time or don’t want to risk shaving off your eyebrows, there’s at least one other option…waxing.

Waxing Works Best
At Signature Male, eyebrow waxing is one of our most popular waxing services. And it only takes a few minutes to tame your brow. We’ll apply a small amount of wax to your eyebrows and cover with waxing strips. In one quick flick of the wrist, voilà, your eyebrows will look naturally well-groomed.

You don’t want to look like Andy Rooney, do you?

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