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Take Summer Hairstyle Cues From These Hot MLB Players

summer hairstyleSummer is the perfect season to try out a brand new hairstyle. With the warmer weather in Iowa, you’ll want a bit less weight to keep you feeling cool, no matter what you’re doing. When it comes to both style and comfort, there’s no better individual to look towards than a professional summer athlete. Major League Baseball players play 162 games, mostly in hot and humid weather conditions while also wearing heavy uniforms and wool hats. To help keep them cool on the field while still looking great off the baseball diamond, many turn to stylish summer cuts. Here are some summer hairstyle looks to consider if you’re interested in keeping fresh and cool.

Messy and Uniform

Many players want to look good without spending much time doing up their hair as well. If this sounds like you, take style notes from Adam Eaton. The Washington Nationals outfielder keeps a uniformed, tapered-on-the-sides-but-messy-on-top cut. This way, whether he’s just pulling of his hat or heading out after the game, it is one of the summer hairstyles that’s easy to maintain and always looks good.

Wavy Bangs

You’ll notice most players keep the hair on the sides of their head short. This way heat can escape while wearing their cap. The wavy bangs look, demonstrated by Trea Turner, is one of the summer hairstyles that keeps hair short on the side as it tapers up to longer bangs on top. This look will keep you cool on the field and looking cool off.

Natural Afro Top

Does your hair go up in a natural afro? Embrace it. Keep the sides trimmed and let the top of your hair continue upwards. It gives you a sleeker, thinner looking face. Rays’ pitcher Chris Archer pulls off this look and puts the “style” in summer hairstyle.

There’s nothing better than a little fun in the sun. However, if you have a heavy hairstyle you may feel weighed down in the heat and humidity of Iowa. That makes summer the perfect time of year for a brand new cut. Whether you’re interested in borrowing a look of one of these Major League Baseball players or you want to go a different route, Signature Male will ensure you’re always looking good and feeling great!

When you’re ready to explore a fresh summer hairstyle, set up your Signature Male appointment online today. It’s also a great chance to pick up gift cards for the men in your life, for any occasion!