Fitness Season Requires A Race Ready Hair Cut

When you work hard to improve your health, lose weight, or simply stay in shape, you look good and feel better. A lot of Des Moines-area guys stay motivated to keep up with their health and fitness goals by participating in local races like the Mayor’s Annual Ride & Run for Trails event or the […]

Scalp Massage – More than Just a Feel-Good Therapy

Have you ever wondered if there’s more to a scalp massage than just feel-good therapy? If you have, you’re not alone. Getting a scalp massage can promote relaxation, but there’s more to it than that. Here’s how it works. You’ll sit in one of the comfy chairs in the salon, and one of our massage […]

Not Your Normal Des Moines Haircut – Prepare to Settle in for a Man-Cave Experience at Signature Male

There’s no shortage of places you can go in Des Moines to get a haircut. A quick Google search for “Des Moines haircut” delivers over 159,000 results. There’s certainly a long list of talented stylists out there. But not every salon, barber shop, or hair-cutting studio is designed to meet the needs of every kind […]

5 New Men’s Hairstyles to Try

If you’ve been looking for a way change your hairstyle, but you’re not sure what’s cool and what’s not, here a few hints to protect your hair and your “cool factor” before you get a haircut you might regret: If you’re balding, forget about the comb-over. Steer clear of do-it-yourself hair dye. There’s nothing wrong […]

Enjoy Bara Vitae – The Beard Life

If you’ve got one of those jobs with a hardcore dress code that demands being clean shaven, your only chance of sporting a little facial hair is on the weekends and when you’ve on vacation. If you like it that way, that’s great. The clean-shaven look will never go out of style. For the rest […]

What’s the Best Massage Therapy for You?

If you’ve hustled your way through a basketball game with your buddies, lifted weights, or put in a hard day’s work, there’s a good chance you’ve experienced your share of muscle aches and pains. Injuries, biomechanical issues, or the rigors of being a 9-to 5-desk jockey or behind the wheel a lot for your job […]

Men’s Style Tips from Singer Jason Mraz

When guitarist, singer and songwriter Jason Mraz rolls into Ames on March 9, an estimated 2,700 fans will pack the Stephens Auditorium at the Iowa State Center. The Grammy Award-winner singer has sold over 7 million albums and one of his most popular songs, “I’m Yours,” has dominated the Billboard Hot 100 list. Even if […]

SPECIAL Facebook Offer: Valentine’s Day Massage – Just for Him

Signature Male wants to help you give your man the best Valentine’s Day present ever – the gift of RELAXATION! With a full, 90-minute massage from the pros at Signature Male, he’ll certainly be in the mood for some romance and one-on-one time with you. Our 90-minute Valentine’s Day Special is only $89 (normally $109), […]

Signature Style is the Key to Success

When Iowa-born actor and celebrity Ashton Kutcher was in high school, his hair was cut short and neatly parted to the side. And sometimes he wore a baseball cap. Then he decided to let his hair grow a little longer to create his own style, and paid his dues at the gym. Voilá – His […]

Gray-Hair Styling Can Change the Way You Look

When GQ magazine reporter Mickey Rapkin started spotting gray hairs in high school, he wasn’t concerned. By his early 30s, he was a walking billboard for the “salt and pepper” look. And it still didn’t bother him until a chance encounter with an old friend. “Your hair’s all gray,” the friend said. “I didn’t even […]