Treatment Options for Male Pattern Baldness

Blame your mom or your dad if you’re losing your hair. It really doesn’t matter. You can inherit the genes linked to Male Pattern Baldness from either parent, according to the National Institutes of Health. If Male Pattern Baldness is in your genetic make-up, there’s really nothing you can do to stop it. Fortunately, you […]

For Dads, A Little Me-Time Goes a Long Way

Last week thousands of people in the Des Moines area celebrated Father’s Day with cards, phone calls, food and desserts, and presents. For all the stuff they do, Dad’s deserve it. But if the dad in your life is now the proud owner of a Signature Male gift card, you’ve still got a little work […]

Father’s Day Specials At Signature Male

This week marks a special time for all men – whether they’re lucky enough to be fathers or simply have (or know) one they’d like to honor – Father’s day is this Sunday. A Father’s role in the family is generally of the working man, hard skinned and tough enough to handle anything the world […]

For Men’s Hair, A Little Color Goes a Long Way

Some guys seem to pull off going gray without missing a beat. George Clooney was showing signs of going gray way back when ER was a popular TV series 20 years ago. Anderson Cooper and CNN anchor of the show Anderson Cooper 360° has been gray for more than a decade. And if you’ve caught […]

Healthier Feet with Foot Detailing

If you’re like most guys, you’re on your feet a lot, and wear socks and laced-up shoes most of the time. It’s a necessary evil for a day at the office, project in the yard, run through the neighborhood, or a walk with your partner. If you’re not sold on the barefoot running trend, or […]

Your Next “Amazing” Hair Cut at Signature Male

Did a hair cut help win The Amazing Race? Who are we to deny the power of looking good? When social media app entrepreneur Tyler Adams decided it was time to step up his dating game, he applied to be part of a blind date experiment on the popular reality TV show The Amazing Race. […]

Leg Waxing for Men? Shaving? Of Course!

At Signature Male, we regularly provide complete leg waxing for men. Yes, leg waxing for men. It’s all part of that “Manscaping” thing we’ve been hearing about and it’s not such an unusual thing any more. Sure, swimmers, cyclists, and other athletes shave or wax for performance reasons, but why would a guy intentionally shave […]

Win The Battle Over Beard Bacteria

If a bushy, long beard, a persistent five o’clock shadow, or somewhere in between is your goal for growing your beard, that’s great. It’s a popular look that can enhance your image and make a statement about your personality. But are they really all that clean? Have you heard latest uproar about “poop beards?” … […]

Facial for Men: 3 Facts for Healthier Skin

Men are supposed rough and rugged. So how could a facial, even the concept of a facial for men be appealing? Well, we can explain it in a single word, health. Men’s faces are the brunt of much abuse, more so than the faces of women. Yet women, in general, take much better care of […]

The Rules of Hair Conditioner for Men

If you think conditioner is a hair product only women need to use, you’re not alone. A lot of guys use the basic off-the-shelf shampoo in the shower, and don’t bother using conditioner. And those who do use conditioner, don’t always apply it in a way that improves their hair. The truth is, just about […]