No More White Stuff: How to Treat and Prevent Dandruff

You put on your best dark-colored suit coat and head out the door for an important meeting. After all, you want to look your best and make a good first-impression. When you get to your destination, you take one last look in the mirror and panic. You’ve got dandruff. And there’s a dusting of tiny […]

Feel Better with Foot Reflexology Treatment

Untie your shoe, peel off your sock, and take a look at the bottom of your foot. It’s not something most guys spend a lot of time doing. After all your feet are nothing more than sweaty appendages that help you walk, work, and play ball. Give your feet a thorough inspection, and all you’re […]

Eating and Keeping Your Beard Clean

Okay, kids – It’s No-Shave November…  Are you doing it right? Eating and Keeping Your Beard Clean When you have a long beard, the simple task of eating can become a lot more challenging. Despite your best efforts to keep your beard clean, munching down something like a tasty, cooked-to-perfection coffee cake, muffin, or even […]

Did We Find Signature Male Looks At The Oscars?

Everyone cleaned up nicely at the Oscars last weekend, but there were a few men whose hair especially stood out to us! Here they are, in no particular order: Jared Leto kept his long locks from Dallas Buyer’s Club intact for the Oscars, and we thought he looked great doing so! Not many guys can […]

Top 4 Facial Hair Style Trends for 2014

Happy New Year!  It’s a time for resolutions, renewal, and fresh starts.  Why not start with your look?  Word is, the clean shave is out and facial hair is in for 2014. Here are the top facial hair styles to look for this year: The Balbo: Moustache + Soul Patch + Separate Chin Beard.  Old […]

Rejuvenate Winter Skin with a Facial

Winter weather, especially the stuff we’ve been having, can wreak havoc on your skin in many ways, the top three being: Skin Dryness – Skin dryness is caused by the drop in humidity that comes with colder temperatures; the lack of moisture in the air directly impacts the skin’s moisture levels as well. Indoor heating […]

Massage is For Men, Too!

People these days are more stressed than ever, but men tend to hold it in more than their female counterparts; perhaps it’s to be more “manly”, perhaps it’s just the way we’re wired, but the point is, it’s not healthy. Tension and stress can negatively affect your body, physically and emotionally, leading to sleepless nights, […]

Get the Look: 2014’s Top Hairstyle for Men is…

The Fringe! Designers around the globe have previewed their looks for the 2014 Spring and Summer season, and many designers, including Burberry Prorsum, Topman Designs, and Christopher Kane, sent many of their male models down the runway with this new style. Fringe is created from keeping the hair on the front of your head slightly […]