Beat Stress with a Neck and Scalp Massage

Just about everyone experiences stress at some point in time. Some of the typical stressors that can raise your blood pressure, give you a headache, and lead to tension and frustration include things like deadlines at work, relationship issues, and money problems. Running late for an important meeting, family matters, and car trouble can stress […]

4 Reasons Men Should Get a Facial

Ask your guy-friends about getting a facial, and there’s a good chance some dudes will balk at the idea. And you can’t blame them. For the longest time, facials were practically part of the ladies-only club for personal pampering and grooming. Fortunately, that’s not the norm anymore. Being a well-groomed man with smooth, healthy skin […]

Facial for Men: 3 Facts for Healthier Skin

Men are supposed rough and rugged. So how could a facial, even the concept of a facial for men be appealing? Well, we can explain it in a single word, health. Men’s faces are the brunt of much abuse, more so than the faces of women. Yet women, in general, take much better care of […]