Father’s Day Specials At Signature Male

This week marks a special time for all men – whether they’re lucky enough to be fathers or simply have (or know) one they’d like to honor – Father’s day is this Sunday. A Father’s role in the family is generally of the working man, hard skinned and tough enough to handle anything the world […]

Facial for Men: 3 Facts for Healthier Skin

Men are supposed rough and rugged. So how could a facial, even the concept of a facial for men be appealing? Well, we can explain it in a single word, health. Men’s faces are the brunt of much abuse, more so than the faces of women. Yet women, in general, take much better care of […]

Winter Skin Care Tips for Iowa Men

Every year, hundreds of temperature-confused Iowans show up in the middle of some horrible storm dressed in T-shirts and running shorts for races like the Red Flannel Run, B-rrry Scurry, Freeze Fest 5K, and Rosy Cheeks 5K. Even though Mother Nature shows up to some of these events in full-on freeze mode some of the […]

Pro Athletes Get Pedicure Pampering – Why Not You?

Why do people seem to get frazzled over men doing traditionally girly things? Football players who take ballet lessons. Burly men who are masters at interior design. Or stay-at-home dads who rock at childcare, grocery shopping, and housekeeping. Fortunately, in today’s social climate those stereotypes are changing, and it’s not so taboo anymore for a […]

Three Reasons You Need a Facial

If you’re like most guys, the idea of getting a facial isn’t something you spend a lot of time thinking about. After all, you don’t have time to go to a salon, pad around in spa slippers, lay back and listen to tranquil music, and sip cucumber water. But if your face could talk, there’s […]

Rejuvenate Winter Skin with a Facial

Winter weather, especially the stuff we’ve been having, can wreak havoc on your skin in many ways, the top three being: Skin Dryness – Skin dryness is caused by the drop in humidity that comes with colder temperatures; the lack of moisture in the air directly impacts the skin’s moisture levels as well. Indoor heating […]

Let Us Help You RELAX After Thanksgiving!

RELAX AFTER THANKSGIVING (for free?) Relaxing after Thanksgiving is usually pretty hard to do. With the holiday falling on a Thursday, you either have to get the entire family gathering chaos started and tied up neatly in less than 24 hours OR you have a whole weekend of your in-laws and relatives lounging around your […]