Fight Allergies With a Relaxing Sinus Relief Massage

Late summer and early fall are times that are ripe for allergies and debilitating sinus issues. You can take any number of pills, either over-the-counter or prescription, to try to alleviate the pain and discomfort, but many times there are unpleasant side effects. Why not try a sinus relief massage instead? This time of year […]

The 5 Best Reasons to Get a Massage (as if you needed one)

It’s no mystery that massage therapy has been used for years to help you relax. At Signature Male, we get it. You work hard, play hard and want to be able to unwind when it’s time. A cold beer can help, and so can massage therapy. Check out these five health benefits of massage therapy. […]

Facial for Men: 3 Facts for Healthier Skin

Men are supposed rough and rugged. So how could a facial, even the concept of a facial for men be appealing? Well, we can explain it in a single word, health. Men’s faces are the brunt of much abuse, more so than the faces of women. Yet women, in general, take much better care of […]