Treat Yourself to a Rejuvenating Scalp and Face Massage

If you’ve never experienced a rejuvenating scalp and face massage before you’re in for a treat. The pure bliss to come from the gentle, firm manipulation of the pressure points in your scalp is relaxing by itself. But there are plenty of health and beauty benefits associated with a scalp and face massage as well. So if you’re […]

Melt Your Stress Away With a Scalp and Face Massage

There are 42 muscles in the human face. Each one of these muscles helps you demonstrate your mood. From excited to see your dog after a long day of work to frustrated from dealing with that one coworker you could really do without. The constant shifting and perpetual movement of your face can leave it feeling fatigued, yet you may […]

Clear Your Head with a Sinus Relief Massage

Sinus Relief Can Come in A Pill or From a Relaxing Massage.  Which would you choose? If you have recurring sinusitis you know the feeling of being stuffy, burning through boxes of tissues, taking over-the-counter medications, or using saline-based sinus sprays for relief. If you suffer from chronic sinusitis, you might feel like you’re the […]