Tips for Winning the Beard Care Battle

Beard care doesn’t just stop and end with growing it out. There is so much more you need to be doing to take proper care of it. Just like the hair on your head, it needs attention. At Signature Male, we want to make sure you always look and feel your best. But while we […]

Win The Battle Over Beard Bacteria

If a bushy, long beard, a persistent five o’clock shadow, or somewhere in between is your goal for growing your beard, that’s great. It’s a popular look that can enhance your image and make a statement about your personality. But are they really all that clean? Have you heard latest uproar about “poop beards?” … […]

Enjoy Bara Vitae – The Beard Life

If you’ve got one of those jobs with a hardcore dress code that demands being clean shaven, your only chance of sporting a little facial hair is on the weekends and when you’ve on vacation. If you like it that way, that’s great. The clean-shaven look will never go out of style. For the rest […]