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Skin Care Tips From Your Favorite Male Celebs

skin care tips, men's facials, skin care for menHave you ever seen a picture of a famous male celebrity and wondered what his secret is to looking young? Sure, having a bank account with a few extra zeros on the end probably helps, but not all men spring for surgery or medical procedures to maintain a youthful appearance. In fact, there are plenty of simple skin care tips most celebs will give that you or anyone else can follow, regardless of the budget. You are never too young to start safeguarding and protecting your skin. So who better to give advice than the men who are in front of cameras for a living?

Tips From David Beckham

David Beckham has played professional soccer, worked as a model, acted a bit and is married to an original Spice Girl. Needless to say he likely knows a thing or two about skin upkeep. So what kinds of beauty secrets does he keep? Not many, to be perfectly honest. He has gone on record, stating he cleanses and moisturizes in the morning. That’s it.

Cleaning your skin in the morning in order to free it of dead skin cells allows the fresh skin underneath to absorb more of the moisturizer. It is recommended to use a product with SPF in it. This way you’ll protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun while out (or playing soccer like David) which is one of the most important skin care tips around.

Ageless Ricky Martin

Maybe Ricky Martin hasn’t put out a big time U.S. album in years (or are we approaching decades at this point?), but with his rugged good looks, strong chin and style, he can more than work a camera. So what skin care tips for men does he have? Don’t forget your hands.

That’s right, your hands are often ignored during a beauty routine, yet hands can give away your age more frequently than anywhere else on your body. So when you head out for that facial mask or peel, make sure to show some love to your hands and also schedule regular manicures.

John Stamos’s Secret

If there is anyone who should give skin care for men advice it is John Stamos. Has the guy even aged since playing Uncle Jesse 20 years ago? His advice is to go easy on all the heavy products and to simply let your skin breathe. John says once a week he skips all the moisturizer and care products just to allow his skin the ability to naturally breathe. Oxygen is good for the skin and it needs open pores every so often.

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