Signature Male Stylists & Staff

The Signature Male team of stylists and massage therapists truly care about your experience and go out of their way to make it memorable. Let’s face it, sometimes haircuts are not the most exciting thing on your calendar; but after your first visit, you’ll wonder how you ever went anywhere else. 


Superwoman and stylist, Melissa is owner and operator at Signature Male. Bringing things together, Melissa’s smile lights up the room and is contagious to her clients. She knows everything going on, at the salon and with her customers.





Self-described Cat-mom, DJ and meticulous stylist, Alyssa started working as a stylist as she loves the way it impacts people and how they feel and see themselves. Building people’s self-confidence and image drives her in her work and brings a smile every day.





Energetic, outgoing and bright are three words to describe Brittney and her work. Working to make people happy is what she strives to do and she never fails to make her clients and the people around her happy.





Most people don’t like to get up and go to work, but Casie is the exception. The favorite part of her job is to be a “day-maker” when it comes to her clients. Funny, animal-lover and honest, Casie’s interactions with her clients make her and their days.





Mother and wine enthusiast, Lauren works with her clients to build relationships that they can rely on. As a mom of two, Lauren is committed to organizing the chaos that comes with work, play and a busy home life, giving her plenty of chaos to organize.