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Show You Mean Business with Hand Detailing

male hand detailing, men's manicure, signature male salon and day spaWhen you hear the word “manicure” you probably instantly envision a group of women sitting along a wall, their feet in plastic tubs, while their hands are daintily worked on. While this may generally be true, there’s no shame in a strong manicure game. If you don’t like the term “manicure”, consider calling it hand detailing, much like you would have your sports car detailed. The fact of the matter is that a manicure is not only for women. Think about when you shake hands to close a deal, or grab for that glass of wine on a dinner date or take your partner’s hand – what image do you want to convey? You don’t want ripped cuticles, gnawed and ragged fingernails and rough, calloused skin. You can’t dress to impress and leave your hands looking unhealthy and haggard. With a male manicure, you’ll exfoliate the dead skin and bring out a youthful, rugged – yet handsome – hand underneath.

There Is a Difference Between Manicures for Men and Women

Now, you’re not going to go in for a male manicure and come out with French tips (unless you really want that, of course). Think of your hands and fingers as tools: You use them for just about everything. You need to maintain and clean your yard or auto or woodworking tools and the same holds true for your hands. You need to avoid dryness and keep them polished and smooth to avoid painful callouses and deep cracks. During a male manicure, the dead skin is removed and your nails are expertly smoothed and filed while you receive an extra dose of moisturizer.

Identify Health Concerns

More than improving the look of your hands, a manicure helps identify possible health concerns. Technicians can identify signs of fungus or other skin infections. Often times, the condition of the nails and hands may indicate more serious health concerns (similar to a dentist spotting early warning signs during a routine cleaning). Your personal technician can also help give you a skincare plan, so you can maintain your softer touch which is sure to impress those around you.

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