bald look des moines iowa

Shaving Your Head is Still Popular

You’ve probably heard of the goofy kid named Daniel Radcliffe in the popular Harry Potter series of movies inspired by author J.K. Rowling. The kid practically grew up on the silver screen in movies that spanned a decade, and in every one he tucks a messy head of hair under his wizard’s hat.

bald look des moines iowa

So what could he possibly have in common with tough-as-nails Brazilian soccer player Neymar da Silva Santos Junior who plays for Barcelona? Both have made millions of dollars. Both have a massive following of fans. Both have had their share of media publicity. Yet, there’s one more thing that these two guys from completely different worlds can relate to.

They both shaved their heads.

Is It Time to Change Your Look?

Radcliffe (age 26), and Neymar (age 23), both had a full head of hair and their own signature style. But both recently carved off their locks for a bald look. Radcliffe was obligated to go sans hair for his upcoming role in the movie Imperiam. And media reports suggest that Neymar had a teammate shave his head in the locker room just before a recent game against Las Palmas.

Some guys shave their head for practical reasons. And others simply like the look. If you’ve been considering a major change from shaggy to shaved, rest assured shaving your head is still a popular style.

Smooth-Skin Shave vs Extra Short

And you don’t have to go smooth-skin-shaved. Neymar still has a little hair on top after teammate Dani Alves was finished with a razor trimmer in the locker room. Radcliffe has a practical reason for going hairless, but he just might keep the look once filming is over.

If you’ve been thinking about going with a short and shaved hairstyle, we can help. And believe it or not, shaving your head is more technical than you might think. The right trimmer, guard length options, and the experience of a trained stylist can make all the difference.

Ready to shave it all off?

Radcliffe and Neymar were, and they’re still making waves on the silver screen and the soccer field.

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