facial massage for men des moines, scalp and face massage, seasonal allergy relief

Relieve Your Seasonal Allergies with a Facial Massage

facial massage for men des moines, scalp and face massage, seasonal allergy reliefAlthough the temperatures in Iowa are pretty unbearable right now, summer still makes you want to spend every second you can in the great outdoors. Of course, when you suffer from seasonal allergies, you could be hit in the face with watery eyes and major congestion as soon as you open the front door. As Iowa drought conditions drag on, the weeds are flourishing and the pollen is everywhere. Yes, popping allergy medication can help, but did you know a facial massage can as well? Sure, you can’t fit a box of facial massages in your pocket, but at Signature Male, you’ll instantly feel the relief in ways medication can’t provide.

Promotes Drainage

Sure, there is nothing sexier to talk about than sinus drainage. However, when dealing with seasonal allergies you know sometimes you’ll do whatever it takes to help improve it. After all, that’s why so many people are pouring water through their nose with a tea kettle-looking contraption. Wouldn’t you rather sit back and relax as a professional gives you an excellent scalp and facial massage? This helps warm and open up the sinuses, which in turn improves drainage. You’ll feel like a million bucks as soon as you walk out the door. You can even schedule the appointment in conjunction with other services, if you want to take care of a cut or style at the same time.

Reduces Stress

Anxiety and high stress levels can actually increase your reactions to seasonal allergies. With your immune system and other parts of your body dealing with anxiety and stress, you have fewer defense mechanisms at the ready to combat these kinds of allergies. Thankfully, a facial massage can help alleviate both problems. Working over your face and scalp, you’ll quickly discover just how much stress you carry in these muscles. By reducing the stress in your muscles (usually from clenching your jaw while you sleep or from not telling your boss what you really think) you’ll feel so much calmer and relaxed. This relaxation and break from stress then helps your body battle your seasonal allergies.

Signature Male is your one stop location for treating yourself the way you should be treated. Whether you want a relaxing facial massage or you’re interested in a signature cut and style, everything you need to look and feel your best is found right here.

When you’re ready to see how a facial massage can ease your own seasonal allergies, call our salon at 515-224-4849 or schedule your own appointment online today!