Reflexology Massage For What Ails You

reflexology massageWith today’s stressful work environments, we are constantly coming and going, standing on our feet for hours (or worse, sitting for hours) and just waiting for that moment when the front door opens and the couch awaits us. Surely you’ve told yourself you “should” schedule a massage but you never never get around to it.

Don’t wait any longer! Try a different approach to massage with a reflexology massage. There are many benefits to getting one that can have you relaxed after a long week while keeping up with regular wear and tear on your body.

Your feet have a number of special trigger points that can link to various parts of the body to provide relief. At Signature Male, we use foot reflexology to address certain pains and discomfort throughout the body.

Pressure is applied to specific areas on the feet, hands and ears. Generally relaxing, it has a similar effect to acupuncture. Overall, your health benefits from reflexology masasage improve with the right amount of pressure. There are various conditions men can suffer from such as infertility, urological diseases (prostate cancer), even sexual disorders. The body is filled with reflex areas and good Reflexologists can pinpoint each to determine what is off balance in your body or what is in need of attention.

Regular appointments for reflexology massage are encouraged as there are many advantages for your life. Reflexology improves circulation when our muscles get tight or sore, especially if you’re just beginning to exercise. If you’re active and want to prevent injuries that commonly occur in the feet and ankles, a session of reflexology massage can help protect you from future aches and pains.

Lack of sleep and high stress levels usually cause headaches and migraines. Frequent sessions of reflexology can reduce and even cure those annoying pains. It also lowers blood levels and relaxes the body. Besides male related health conditions, this treatment is good for insomnia, allergies, sinuses, respiratory problems and constipation.

Stop dragging your feet! Schedule your reflexology massage appointment today! Every 30-minute reflexology session includes a special Jacuzzi-style foot soak for just $42. Schedule an appointment online HERE or call 515.224.4849!