sports massage, sports injury

Recover Faster and Improve Performance With a Sports Massage

sports massage, sports injuryAfter hitting the hardwood, playing the back nine or striking out the side in your softball league, do you return home feeling stiff and store? If so, consider booking yourself a massage. Don’t just look for any massage though. A sports massage especially targets areas of your body you use more frequently playing sports. By addressing these sore and tight muscles right away, you’ll experience a reduced level of pain while playing, in addition to improving your overall performance potential thanks to an increased range of motion. At Signature Male, you have access to several different methods of male massage. As an athlete, the sports massage may just become your best friend.

How Can a Sports Massage Improve Performance?

While a sports massage feels great, there are many other benefits associated with it. It can promote relaxation and battle muscle fatigue in the future. By working your muscles and loosening up the tissue, blood flow improves. Increasing blood flow helps deliver more oxygen and nutrients to muscle tissue and other areas of the body, which cuts recovery time.

A sports massage performed before an athletic event can reduce your level of anxiety while increasing your alertness and mental clarity. This is desirable for any and all athletic activities and just might give you an edge over the competition.

Difference Between Sports Massage and Traditional Massage

A traditional massage, such as a Swedish massage or a deep tissue massage, focuses on the entire body, although you can have it directed towards a specific area. The idea here is to work out knots and reduce overall tension in the body. With a sports massage, the focus is on the areas of your body you not only use most frequently, but are more likely to injure. This can be around your shoulders if you swim, golf, play baseball or tennis, to reduce injury potential for a rotator cuff. By having your upper legs worked on, you can help prevent cramping and reduce your level of soreness as you go farther and faster each time you hit the road or the field. You can also make location requests. With a sports massage, our expert therapists will pull the soreness right out of your body, leaving you relaxed and loose.

Improve your range of motion while improving your performance. If you’re interested in reducing discomfort while taking your game to the next level, book an appointment with Signature Male for the sports massage service. While you’re at it, pick up a great gift card for Father’s Day!