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Project Your Personal Image with the Right Hairstyle

right hairstyle, mens hair cut west des moines iowaThe appearance of your hair has a significant impact on the overall image you project. The right hairstyle can help you show the world who you really are, and make the perfect first impression. At Signature Male, our expert stylists have extensive training and experience, along with an artist’s eye. Because we cater to men, we are familiar with the latest men’s hair cut styles in Des Moines. Whatever you are looking for, we can help you create your style. If you know exactly what you want, the key to getting “that look,” just as you envision it, is good communication. With the unparalleled skill of our stylists, if you can describe it, they can create it.

Here are some tips to help you share your vision with your stylist:

  • Bring a photo. If you’ve seen it in a magazine, or on a website show your stylist. Be sure to explain if you want any changes made from the picture.
  • Discuss the details. Remember to mention any changes to coloring, texture, or body. We do more than cut – we style.
  • Ask questions. Are you sure that the style you’ve chosen isn’t too high maintenance for your lifestyle? Do you wonder if it would work as well for you as it does for the man whom you’ve seen wearing it? When you have questions, ask the experts at Signature Male.

Don’t worry if you aren’t sure what haircut you want – we are here to help. A new haircut can drastically change your appearance, and it can be difficult to envision exactly what will create the change you want. Discuss your concerns, ideas, and requirements with your stylist, who can help you find the right hairstyle to fit your personality and lifestyle.

A few things to consider when choosing a haircut style include:

  • Maintenance – How much time, if any, are you willing to devote to upkeep?
  • Professionalism – Do you need a conservative or traditional haircut to make the best impression at work?
  • Trends – Are you looking for the latest “cool” look, which will make the best impression on the social scene?
  • Effect – Do you want your new hairstyle to make a statement, such as distinguished, hip, progressive, adventurous, or confident?
  • Features – Are you hoping to accentuate or downplay specific features such as your eyes or the shape of your face?

The right hairstyle is the fastest way to transform your image. Visit Signature Male today or make an appointment online HERE and discover your personal style!