One Good Reason You Should Care About ‘The Bachelor’

Ben Higgins may not be one of your bros, and you may have never even heard of the guy. But about 30 women have. And they’re all hoping to score a wedding ring from this charming, friendly, and outgoing mid-western business analyst. But Higgins following doesn’t stop there. He’s got millions of fans watching The Bachelor drama unfold every week.

So what’s so captivating about this guy?

He likes to think of himself as a regular guy. But he’s dabbled in show business for a while, appearing on The Bachelorette and After Paradise. If he could trade places with a super hero, he’d be Batman and invite his bros over to his man-cave. And last but not least, he has great hair.

Higgins: Know Your Style

Slicked back, parted to one side, a little messy on top, or even shoved under a baseball cap, the guy knows his style and is comfortable in his own skin. His confidence may be part of the appeal that has the line-up of brides-to-be swooning for his attention. So can you learn anything from this Higgins guy?

Give Your Hair a Little More Attention

You may not be playing the field, but getting your hair right for every occasion can make a difference. And it’s not rocket science. But it does take a little more work than running your fingers through your hair, and giving a casual glance at your appearance before walk out the door.

We’re “Hair for You”  😉

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