new hair styles for men

New Hair Styles For Men at Signature Male

new hair styles for menYou feel your best when you look your best. Your hair style is a reflection of your inner style, so why not try something new? You don’t need to drastically shake up a current look, just consider some new hair styles for men offered at Signature Male. And don’t be afraid to go bold with an updated look!

The Classic Pompadour

If you have thinner hair and you’re looking for a cut to help make it look thicker, consider the classic pompadour. This isn’t a fade look. Instead, the hair is kept longer throughout, which gives you the appearance of thicker hair. Andrew Garfield has been rocking this look in recent years.

Throw Back to the 70s

In the 70s just about every hair style worked – big and curly, long and straight, short and neat. You could get away with nearly any style of hair you wanted! This trend has reemerged in 2017 as men are becoming more and more bold with their styles. Long hair with more texture is as popular today as a more clean-cut look, and can be far more versatile.

 Fade With Textured Finish

Justin Timberlake is a great example of this look. Back in the 90s there was the faded look on the sides with crisp texture on top (known as the Caesar). This fade is a nod to that look – but with a new twist. The lines are more pronounced and the fade starts with a shaved side and tapers up.

Ditch the Bun

The man-bun made its semi-glorious return a few years ago. However, the novelty of the bun has since faded and so has its popularity. If you currently have a man-bun you may want to consider something new for the summer. The medium textured look is a great way to go without cutting down on the length, although shorter hair can certainly help in the hot and humid Iowa summer.

Whether you’re looking for new hair styles for men or just a clean-up of your current style, the experts at Signature male will keep you looking good. So if you’re ready to take your style to the next level, make an appointment online today!