men's manicure or pedicure, signature male

A Men’s Manicure or Pedicure is More Important Than You Might Think

men's manicure or pedicure, signature maleWhen it comes to a manicure, most people think of salons smelling of acrylic and full of women and young girls talking animatedly over their bright fake fingernails. Sure, that’s one kind of manicure and, more likely than not, it is not what you’re looking for. A men’s manicure or pedicure is more about protecting your skin, improving the general appearance of your hands and feet and giving you a presentable look you won’t want to hide. Every part of your body deserves to be taken care of. This includes your hands and feet.

It’s More Than Just Your Fingers and Toes

A men’s manicure or pedicure is more than just attention for your nails. Other aspects of your hands will be taken care of. Do you have calluses on your hands from lifting weights or playing basketball? These calluses may not bother you, but when you shake someone’s hand they can feel the rough, scratchy skin. If you’re going in for a meeting, you don’t want your first impression to be coarse feeling hands. At Signature Male, the calluses on your palm can be removed, showing off the smooth, comfortable skin underneath.

Bring Out Your Natural Masculinity

There is nothing manly about hangnails and jagged skin around the fingertips. More often then not, it portrays a sense that you lack attention to detail and are generally messy. If left untreated, it can leave your fingers susceptible to fungus and other bacterial conditions as well. With a hand and foot detailing at Signature Male, you can bring out a natural masculinity by maintaining your hands and feet. During your manicure or pedicure the dead skin will be removed, nails and cuticles trimmed and moisturized, and damage repaired.

Most men have never had hand or foot detailing. If you fall into this category, you don’t know what you’re missing! While you can simply trim your nails yourself, having a professional attend to your whole hand or foot is a relaxing experience every man should have. The next time you have a big business meeting, an interview or a hot date, take a good long look at your hands and ask yourself if they make a positive impression.

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