men's facials

Men’s Facials to Revitalize and Relax

men's facialsWhen it comes to relaxation, more and more men are retreating to day spas for a number of personal services – everything from massages to facials, shaves, and waxes. No longer is the spa a place for women only. Signature Male’s different men’s facials carry something for everyone!

One great way to get into the routine of treating yourself is with a basic men’s facial. Our revitalizing mini facial is the perfect place to start. It is a “teaser” treatment designed to introduce you to our variety of facial services. If you are a man “on the go” and are looking for a quick pick-me-up, consider this efficient yet effective service.

Are you looking for something to help keep your skin looking great and make shaving easier? Our men’s corrective facial is a terrific solution to give your skin that amazing look and feel. This facial is a perfect addition to your monthly regimen, no matter what your skin type.

If de-stressing is more your goal after a hard week at work, our de-stressing spa facial not only smoothes and retextures your entire face and complexion; it can also help calm and relax your entire body. This luxurious facial will energize you and help you feel amazing!

Of course, we also offer an exclusive back “facial,” which can be done on a regular basis for maintenance to help keep the skin on your back smooth and clear. This treatment is perfect for athletes or anyone suffering from back acne and is an important supplement to your regular routine.

No matter what your goals, the perfect way to jump onto the spa bandwagon is to start simple with one of our amazing men’s facials at Signature Male. Treat yourself and call us today at 515-224-4849, or schedule an appointment by clicking here.