scalp and face massage

Melt Your Stress Away With a Scalp and Face Massage

scalp and face massageThere are 42 muscles in the human face. Each one of these muscles helps you demonstrate your mood. From excited to see your dog after a long day of work to frustrated from dealing with that one coworker you could really do without. The constant shifting and perpetual movement of your face can leave it feeling fatigued, yet you may not actually realize just how tired it is. The gentle touch of our professional massage therapists can reduce your stress, improve circulation within the face and even soothe your sinuses. Whether you pair a scalp and face massage with a hair cut, manicure or other service, you’ll feel like a new man when you leave.

So Why Schedule a Scalp and Face Massage?

Above all else, a scalp and face massage feels great. Having an expert work the tension out of your facial muscles, apply calming moisturizers to your sensitive skin and manipulate pressure points is an incredible way to just relax. Unless your significant other is a massage therapist, having a facial massage at home can be awkward for everyone involved. By having your face and scalp massaged by one of our trained and certified technicians, you’ll experience a unique kind of comfort and stress relief.

Boost Circulation

Over time your muscles constrict. This makes it difficult for blood to properly circulate. By loosening up the muscles, blood can flow more easily through the tissue of your face. In return, your skin cells reproduce more quickly, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. You’ll get back that youthful glow you thought had disappeared.

Sinus Pain? No Problem

Sinus pressure isn’t just from a blockage in the nasal cavity. With a scalp and face massage, the muscles will soften, which helps open up the airways in your sinuses. This can greatly alleviate pressure. You’ll feel like a new man when the facial massage has finished.

At Signature Male, we want you to leave feeling happy, confident and excited about what life has in store for you. Feeling relaxed and great about yourself is an important ingredient for success and is the ultimate state of mind we strive for. From impressing a client at work to tossing the ball around with your kid at home, everything is easier and more comfortable when your muscles are loose.

Whether you’re interested in a scalp and face massage or you’re looking for one of our many other services, feel free to contact us and set up an appointment at your earliest convenience.