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Getting a massage is the ultimate in relaxation, and can have several health benefits for those who regularly enjoy them. Massages can provide a number of advantages, including better circulation of the blood, lower blood pressure, strengthened immune system, relief of anxiety and depression, and can even be helpful for those with existing conditions, such as arthritis, carpal tunnel, and fibromyalgia. Patients can also enjoy better posture, stress reduction, and overall improvements in their energy levels. Throw in the fact that a massage can be completely relaxing and rejuvenation, and you will find that many men will strongly consider scheduling a massage at Signature Male.

massage for men in west des moinesAt Signature Male, we have several variations of massages for those who are looking for a variety of choices. Starting at 15 minutes to as long as two hours, our massages can provide ultimate rejuvenation and relaxation no matter how stressful your day or week has been. Here are just a few of the massages that you can schedule at Signature Male:


This is a European full body massage that can assist in relaxing tired and sore muscles while improving blood circulation and addressing areas of stress and tiredness.
30 minutes $49
60 minutes $69
90 minutes $104
120 minutes $131


For those with chronic muscle concerns, such as tight or fatigued muscles, deep tissue massage may be the answer. It offers a deep rub that can provide comfort and relief from the every pain and soreness you may be experiencing. Clients can enjoy various levels of pressure in order to find which one works best to relieve them of their pain and discomfort.
30 minutes $52
60 minutes $79
90 minutes $119
120 minutes $147

ASHIATSU MASSAGE (Barefoot Massage)

Ashiatsu Massage or “Barefoot Massage” is exactly that, the therapist using their feet to enhance the massage. This technique allows the therapist to more evenly apply deep pressure to muscles that require more force than a hand can exert. The foot is also longer which allows the pressure to be more evenly applied across a larger area versus the “pointy pressure” you feel with fingers, knuckles, or elbows. This allows the muscle to be worked all at the same time which increases the circulation of blood to the muscle and induces the muscle to relax as a whole.
60 min = $87
90 min = $122
120 min = $152


Many men enjoy the combination of warmth and muscle rubs in order to experience ultimate tension relief of the body. This Swedish method of massage uses heated stones that are used on key locations of the body to relieve stress and allow for deep relief from tension and pain in the muscles.
60 minutes $92
90 minutes $122


Our feet have a number of special trigger points that can link to various parts of the body to provide relief. Foot reflexology can be used to address certain pains and discomfort throughout the body, and is combined with a special Jacuzzi-style foot soak.
30 minutes $42


For sinus sufferers, a pressure point sinus relief massage can assist with discomfort on the scalp, in the neck, around the face, and through the upper shoulder area. These are offered in fifteen minute and thirty minute sessions.
15 minutes $22
30 minutes $42

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