hair color for men

Make Hair Color for Men Work for You

hair color for menIf you’re like many guys, you might feel a bit uneasy when it comes to hair color for men. Even if you fully embraced the Slim Shady look in your youth, going completely bleached blonde may not be in your current, professional future. So what can you do? At Signature Male, we want to help you discover hair color for men doesn’t need to be difficult. Instead, you can and should use it to accent and enhance your current look. After all, to feel your best you need to look your best.

Going Gray?

Going gray doesn’t need to be a death sentence. In fact, it can be a way to enhance your look. George Clooney has been gray for decades, yet he fully embraced it. Steve Martin, while not a fashion or style icon, has looked more or less the same for the last 30 years because of his gray hair. If you just have a gray spot here or there you may want to restore it back to its original color. However, gray peppering through your hair can be elegant and we can help ensure it gives you the distinguished, George Clooneyesque look.

Enhancing Your Color

Enhancing natural color is something women have been doing for years, yet men have been a bit standoffish with regards to color enhancements. This doesn’t need to be a full change of color or anything like that. We can add the sun-kissed look, making your hair shimmer with natural-looking highlights. Layering is an excellent way to enhance your current color as well. This can be used along with your specific cut, whether you’re going with a fade or a more traditional cut and style.

Over time, your hair color can fade a bit and lose some of the vibrancy it had when you were younger. We can help bring that vibrancy back. There’s nothing that says hair color men needs to be jarring and obvious. With a color enhancement treatment, our expert stylists will work with you on identifying the very best look to bring that vibrant color back into your life. Let’s make your hair enhancement happen together.

Whether you’re coming in to cover up gray or you want to enhance your current hair color, at Signature Male you’ll receive a personal, unique look tailored just to your specific needs. Our stylists are experts at hair color for men, so stop by our West Des Moines salon location or make an appointment online today! You’ll love the way you look when you leave.