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Leg Waxing for Men? Shaving? Of Course!

At Signature Male, we regularly provide complete leg waxing for men. Yes, leg waxing for men. It’s all part of that “Manscaping” thing we’ve been hearing about and it’s not such an unusual thing any more. Sure, swimmers, cyclists, and other athletes shave or wax for performance reasons, but why would a guy intentionally shave or wax their legs if it wasn’t for competition?

How about the competition for better looks? A cleaner style? A smoother, sexier body?

mens leg waxing shaving des moines iowaOf course some clients prefer hair-free legs for sports-related activities. But a growing number of guys request leg waxing, because they like the look and feel clean-shaven legs, or they want to show off a tattoo.

But what about guys who put in a hard day’s work? Is leg-shaving in or out? Is it a grooming practice reserved for only certain types of guys, or is it a men’s grooming trend that’s catching on?

In a recent Men’s Health survey, 33 percent of guys said they trim their leg hair from time to time, and 15 percent said they regularly shave their legs or visit a salon for leg waxing.

Here’s how it works.

  • After enjoying a few minutes of R&R in the Signature Male lounge, you’ll head over to a waxing station with one of our stylists.
  • Your legs will be washed with warm water to relax the hairs. Then a warm coating of wax will be brushed on to your legs.
  • A thin strip of cloth is then applied to an area of the leg, and gently massaged to stick to your leg hair.
  • In one quick movement, your stylist peels back the cloth strip, revealing a line of hair-free skin. The processed is repeated until both legs are hair-free.
  • Once the waxing is complete, your legs will be washed with cold water and treated with moisturizer applied to the skin.

Yes, there is an ouch-factor to consider when getting your legs waxed. But it’s minimal, and your legs will be smooth and hair-free for up to six weeks before you’ll need to schedule your next appointment. It’s a lot better than risking cuts and burns you might give yourself if you whip out a razor and shaving cream to do the job.

Want hair-free legs for biking, swimming, or just looking your best? Stop in and book an appointment, give us a call at 515-224-4849, or schedule your next leg waxing by clicking here.