premature gray hair in men

Keep Your Youthful Look And Ditch the Premature Gray

premature gray hair in menFor some guys, a little peppering of premature gray can come off as sophisticated and even sexy. George Clooney has rocked the premature gray for seemingly his entire career and it hasn’t slowed him down. He’s basically the modern day Cary Grant. Of course, that has also helped set him apart from the rest in the acting community, as that little bit of sophisticated manliness is perfect for certain roles. The same might not be the case in your career path. Outside of running a company or sitting on the board of directors, many industries (especially tech related) are seen as a young man’s game. While that doesn’t mean you need to start looking for Botox injections or immediately sign up for that chemical peel, you can take one major step by ditching the gray with professional hair color for men.

Ditch the Box

So many commercials and advertisements make it seem so easy to just pick up a box of hair color at the store. Then, after a few minutes, you’re back to your original, natural color. The problem is this is rather misleading. Your color of hair is unique. From the shade to any lightening due to the sun. However, the hair color products for men only come in a few one-size-fits-all colors. This means the chances of it matching your hair color perfectly is slim. If you scratched your car, would you cover it up with just a random paint? No, because it would stick out. Professional hair color for men services expertly craft a color specific for your hair, so it blends naturally.

Why Make a Mess

Coloring your hair at home can be messy. It can stain your skin as well as anything else it comes in contact with – towels, countertops, clothing, carpeting. You don’t want to show up to work with brown ink stains on your forehead. Carpets and towels don’t grow on trees, either. Once that dye gets into the carpet, it’s there for the long haul. Instead, ditch the mess and the frustration and go with our professional salon service. No mess, no fuss and we’ll do all the cleanup!

At Signature Male Salon and Dayspa, your hair is our passion. You will walk out of the salon with a beautiful, well cared for and perfectly cut hair style designed to turn heads and boost your self confidence. If you’re looking for the best hair color for men service, we not only can match your hair color, but cover up as much – or as little – of the premature gray as you want.

If you’re ready to take control of your hair color, contact Signature Male Salon at 515.224.4849 for your next appointment, or simply schedule online at your convenience.