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Healthier Feet with Foot Detailing

If you’re like most guys, you’re on your feet a lot, and wear socks and laced-up shoes most of the time. It’s a necessary evil for a day at the office, project in the yard, run through the neighborhood, or a walk with your partner. If you’re not sold on the barefoot running trend, or prepared to explain your return to nature by going barefoot everywhere, you’re going to be wearing shoes for a long time.

And it can take a toll on your feet. In fact, the American Podiatric Medical Association estimates that about 75 percent of guys will experience a foot problem at some point in time. Your feet do a lot of the heavy lifting when you’re moving around and carry your body weight.

But lace up your running shoes, and your feet take an extra beating, absorbing about two times your body weight every time you take a step. That hot and sweaty environment inside your shoe can create the perfect breeding ground for blisters, calluses and bacteria that can harm your nails.

foot detailingFortunately, there’s a few things you can do about this. And it doesn’t require going barefoot, walking across hot coals, or tapping into your inner-tree hugger.

Wear shoes that fit. You should have about a ¾-inch of wiggle room between your big toe and the end of the shoe when standing.

Check your socks. If you’re wearing paper-thin socks, or worse worn out ones with holes, switch to moisture-wicking socks with a little padding. Your feet will appreciate the extra cushion, and the inside of your shoe will be less of an environmental-mecca for bacteria.

Keep your feet clean. Sure, it might sound like advice from your mom, but washing your feet , and keeping your nails trimmed can cut down on bacteria hanging around and looking for a way to cause problems. Using products to prevent athlete’s foot and keep your feet dry when you’re wearing shoes can help too.

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