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Hair Transplant Services to Help You Feel Your Best

Hair Transplant – Services to help you look and feel your best

If you are looking for a personal services business that focuses solely on issues important to men, in a male-centered atmosphere, you are in luck. Signature Male is recognized as the area leader in men’s services for all of their body and hair needs such as spa treatments, hair restoration, and haircuts. We invite residents of Des Moines and the surrounding region to visit our comprehensive, male-oriented business to get the treatment they deserve.Are you searching for a shop that offers haircuts by the nation’s top men’s fashion stylists? Are you looking for the leader in restoration options for hair loss in Iowa? Or perhaps you’d like a massage by a therapist who is trained in the specific needs of males? Signature Male offers a range of professional services not found under one roof anywhere else in this area.


Our management team has worked hard to make sure services are delivered in a male-focused atmosphere. Conveniently located on University Avenue, we’ve made it easy and comfortable for the men of Iowa to get treatments that they need most, including massage, hair restoration, and the hottest haircuts around.

Signature Male is also the place in Des Moines to discuss your hair loss, with our confidential and compassionate staff. You will be thoroughly evaluated by a doctor trained in both the causes of hair loss and hair thinning, as well as the latest in treatment options. As the leader in hair treatment for men, Signature Male offers a wide variety of alternatives to address your hair loss.

Our most popular hair loss solution at this treatment center in Des Moines is the hair transplant. This natural-looking option uses your own hair to populate other areas of your head that are lacking. There is no after-care needed. You simply treat the transplanted hair like your other natural locks. This procedure is conveniently performed in our office.

Whether you’d like to schedule some much-deserved pampering, a terrific haircut, or serious advice on hair loss solutions, call Signature Male today.