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Hair Loss Treatments That Thankfully Didn’t Catch On

hair loss treatments, hair replacement optionsHair loss and baldness have long been issues that people have sought an answer for throughout the history of the world. Thick, luxurious hair has almost always been linked to virility, beauty, and strength. But to what ends would you go to reverse the effects of hair loss? Here are some of the more bizarre “remedies” used as hair loss treatments:

  • In Ancient Egypt, there were a few favored treatments – a mixture of hippopotamus, crocodile, tomcat, snake and ibex fats; boiled porcupine hair applied to the scalp for 4 days; the leg of a female greyhound sautéed in oil with the hoof of a donkey. No wonder both male and female royals opted for wigs and fake beards!
  • The Greek physician Hippocrates – who you would think knew a little something – would mix opium, horseradish, pigeon droppings, beetroot and other spices and rub that on his chrome dome. His more radical treatment suggestion, however, came after he realized eunuchs never seemed to worry about thinning hair. In 1995, researchers at Duke University confirmed that permanent sterilization could truly prevent hair loss, so it really comes down to which is more important to you…
  • Julius Caesar tried to hide his baldness with what may be the world’s first comb-over. Then his girlfriend, Cleopatra, recommended her homemade remedy that consisted of ground-up mice, horse teeth and bear grease. When that didn’t work, either, he opted for the well-known laurel wreath he is often depicted wearing.
  • French and English nobles in the 17th century followed the lead of King Louis XIII of France who wore a toupee to hide his own hair loss. The wigs became massive, with intricate curls and covered in white powder, and the trend even carried over to wealthy American colonists.
  • The early 19th century was no less ridiculous. In the United States, we saw the emergence of “snake oil” salesmen who pretended to be doctors so they could sell their fake potions and cures. One such miracle ointment was Seven Sutherland Sisters’ Hair Grower, which was sold by a family of sideshow performers who had tremendous tresses.
  • In the “high-tech” 1920s and 1930s, manufacturers offered such amazing machines as the “Thermocap”, which instructed people to spend 15 minutes each day wearing the bonnet-like apparatus so that the heat and blue light produced could stimulate dormant hair bulbs. Another winner was the “Xervac”, which used suction to activate rampant hair growth. Perhaps an ancient relation of the Flowbee?
  • American mystic, Edgar Cayce, also known as the “Sleeping Prophet”, was well-known for his health and healing pronouncements while he was in a trance. Apparently, in conjunction with a special diet of Irish potato skins and hormone replacement therapy, prescribed the use of 3-day-old coffee grounds, crude oil, grain alcohol, white petroleum (Vaseline) or hog lard, and olive oil shampoo massaged into the scalp to battle thinning hair.

Signature Male certainly doesn’t promote any of the goofy concoctions or bizarre treatments listed above. We understand that hair loss and thinning can be a real pain and can severely damage someone’s self-esteem, and that even looking for solutions can be embarrassing. That’s why we offer confidential, professional consultation services in a comfortable and welcoming setting. Whether you are looking to stop thinning hair or are interested in hair restoration or transplants, Signature Male can help and will offer the best solutions for your situation in a private and respectful environment. And we promise no donkey hooves are involved.

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