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Reese Hair Loss Treatment

Your hair is a statement of yourself that boosts your self-confidence, and unfortunately, hair loss affects your lifestyle. Like fingerprints, each individual’s hair differs. Reese Hair Loss Treatment is especially planned to realize your dream head of hair. It is best to discuss your hair loss with a professional such as Dr. Reese, who has wide knowledge and expertise in hair restoration.

Initially the hair loss surgeon will diagnose the cause. It can be hereditary, mental and physical stress, autoimmune responses, or chemical harm in the body. An assessment is done taking into consideration the quality and type of hair, color difference between the scalp and hair, and pattern of hair loss and facial formation. Treatments range from medicinal to surgical options for hair thickness and natural appearance.


Surgical Treatments

The surgical treatments are Microscopic Follicular Unit Transplantation, Multi-Unit Grafting, and Follicular Unit Extraction.

Microscopic Follicular Unit Transplantation
Microscopic Follicular Unit Transplantation, is a treatment by which a follicular unit with the hair or hairs growing on it is taken out and placed in the bald area. It has hardly any scars and the hair looks natural.

Multi-Unit Grafting
Multi-Unit Grafting is another treatment performed when a group of follicular units are relocated with every graft. It produces thicker hair.

Follicular Unit Extraction
Follicular Unit Extraction is ideal for short hair and removes only the top cover of the scalp. Follicular units are taken separately using a miniscule surgical punch and transplanted in the required space.

Medicinal Treatmentshair_thin

Laser Hair Therapy, Propecia, Rogaine, Herbal Therapy, and Hair Systems like wigs are non-surgical treatments that minimize hair loss while activating hair growth.

Laser Hair Therapy
Laser Hair Therapy is a popular substitute to hair transplant surgery. It improves blood circulation and triggers the follicles to grow stronger and thicker hair.

Propecia, an oral drug, shows result in three months. This is efficient for those with slight to a fair loss of hair.

Rogaine is a liquid application to prevent or decrease hair loss and facilitate new growth.

Herbal Therapy
Dr. Reese advises patients after having surgery and those who prefer natural treatment to opt for Herbal therapy.

Hair Systems
‘Hair Systems’ or wigs mainly suit patients who require thick hair and a full cover of the scalp.

Should you need a better head of hair to change your lifestyle, consult the specialist Dr. Reese, who is an experienced board certified surgeon with talent, understanding, and artistic quality.

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