professional male massage

You Owe It To Yourself to Get a Professional Male Massage

professional male massageLet’s face it, life is demanding. Every day you deal with work, family activities, everything the universe throws at you and now tax deadlines are charging full steam ahead. You may feel slightly…overburdened. Take time out for yourself. Relax a little. You might not be able to cut loose and take a much needed vacation, but who says you can’t just enjoy the finer things in life 60 minutes at a time? With a professional male massage, your stress will disappear, your worries will be far away, and you’ll walk out feeling rejuvenated. If you’ve never received a professional male massage from a licensed massage therapist, you owe it to yourself. After just one appointment, you’ll wonder why you haven’t been doing this your entire life.

Choose the Professional Male Massage for You

The professional massage therapists at Signature Male have been through rigorous training in most styles of massage. If you struggle with chronic muscle concerns and are under frequent stress at work, the Deep Tissue massage is for you. You can choose from varying levels of pressure so you aren’t walking out feeling bruised, but loose and relaxed. A Hot Stone massage applies soothing heat on key locations to help release the tightness in your muscles and melt away the tension you carry. Foot Reflexology can help ease pain and discomfort in various parts of the body. Through a Jacuzzi-style foot bath and by focusing on trigger points that link to different area, our massage therapists will alleviate those nagging aches and pains.

Cut Stress With a Massage

Life can be stressful. You’ll think you have finished one difficult task and another one will come flying right at you. With tax season coming to an end, your head might be swimming. Constantly worrying is bad for the body. It causes your muscles to tense up, which in turn affects both your health and daily performance. Do you battle frequent headaches, back pain or neck and shoulder tension? Regular massages have been found to reduce stress levels, which in turn can boost work and athletic performances. The male body is different and needs a massage therapist who understands how to properly work the thicker, larger muscles. At Signature Male, you will receive services specifically tailored for men.

Whether you’re looking for a full-service salon experience or a professional massage that will reinvigorate you and improve your performance and state of mind, you deserve the very best. Come visit SignatureMale at 14225 University Avenue, Ste. 230 in Waukee, or schedule your appointment online today.