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Enjoy Bara Vitae – The Beard Life

If you’ve got one of those jobs with a hardcore dress code that demands being clean shaven, your only chance of sporting a little facial hair is on the weekends and when you’ve on vacation. If you like it that way, that’s great. The clean-shaven look will never go out of style.

beard trim des moinesFor the rest of the guys, facial hair in the form of a goatee, mustache, or full-on beard may be your preference, or at least style you like to try on every now and then. For the Bearded Brethren Facial Hair Club of Iowa, it’s a way of life.

The 37-member brotherhood of facial hair friends span the region from Des Moines to Ankeny, Ames to Urbandale, and other small towns across the state. And you don’t have to be a bushy bearded guy to belong. “Beards, mustaches, or just plain whiskers,” makes you worthy of being part of Bara Vitae (the beard life). They made a showing at last year’s Iowa Beard Off, and show off their creations at other community events.

Facial Hair Trimmed to Perfection

Maybe you’re not ready to declare yourself a member of the Bearded Brethren Facial Hair Club just yet, but you still like to fashion a beard, mustache, or goatee. To the uninitiated, facial hair can seem like a chore that requires daily shaving. But to the true beard-meister, it’s part science and part art.

Taking care of your skin and facial hair can make a big difference in how your facial hair grows and feels. Just the right mustache trim or goatee & beard trim can make a difference too, and we can help. Trimming facial hair to perfection is just another one of the many services we offer at Signature Male. Ready to enjoy Bara Vitae (the beard life)? Stop in or give us a call at 515-224-4849 to schedule an appointment.