Valentine’s Day Massage Special for Him and Her!

Valentine’s Day, what a special time for couples! It’s romantic. It’s great opportunity for you both to share your love, and Signature Male Salon and Dayspa wants to help you make it even more special! Today through February 20th, we’re offering our Special Valentine’s Day Massage Package, normally a $135 value, for only $102.00. You’ll […]

Rejuvenate Winter Skin with a Facial

Winter weather, especially the stuff we’ve been having, can wreak havoc on your skin in many ways, the top three being: Skin Dryness – Skin dryness is caused by the drop in humidity that comes with colder temperatures; the lack of moisture in the air directly impacts the skin’s moisture levels as well. Indoor heating […]

Massage is For Men, Too!

People these days are more stressed than ever, but men tend to hold it in more than their female counterparts; perhaps it’s to be more “manly”, perhaps it’s just the way we’re wired, but the point is, it’s not healthy. Tension and stress can negatively affect your body, physically and emotionally, leading to sleepless nights, […]

Let Us Help You RELAX After Thanksgiving!

RELAX AFTER THANKSGIVING (for free?) Relaxing after Thanksgiving is usually pretty hard to do. With the holiday falling on a Thursday, you either have to get the entire family gathering chaos started and tied up neatly in less than 24 hours OR you have a whole weekend of your in-laws and relatives lounging around your […]

Types of Massages for Men in Iowa

Massage therapy for men has become increasingly popular in recent years. Massage Des Moines Iowa services are highly appreciated among men. It enhances the experience for men particularly when the facility exclusively caters to men only. Men massage therapists in Iowa are highly skilled and experienced in providing different types of massages. Swedish Massage Swedish […]

Spa Treatment Des Moines – Men’s Facials

Spa Treatment Des Moines – Men’s Facials If you’ve always associated spa treatments and facials with high maintenance women, think again! More and more men are retreating to day spas for a number of personal services – everything from massages to facials, shaves, and waxes. No longer is the spa a place for women only! […]

Best Hair Salon for Men

Why Signature Male Salon and Day Spa is the best hair salon for men If you’re looking for a haircut in West Des Moines, you have many options. If you are looking for fabulous haircut and much more, there is one simple solution. The best hair salon for men is Signature Male Salon and Day […]

Benefits of Massage for Men

Massage Therapists in Iowa – Benefits of Massage for Men When massage therapy is performed in a scientific manner, it can offer numerous benefits to men in all age groups. A massage in Des Moines Iowa can be a great stress buster for men who may have demanding work schedules and other responsibilities that can […]