5 New Men’s Hairstyles to Try

If you’ve been looking for a way change your hairstyle, but you’re not sure what’s cool and what’s not, here a few hints to protect your hair and your “cool factor” before you get a haircut you might regret: If you’re balding, forget about the comb-over. Steer clear of do-it-yourself hair dye. There’s nothing wrong […]

Gray-Hair Styling Can Change the Way You Look

When GQ magazine reporter Mickey Rapkin started spotting gray hairs in high school, he wasn’t concerned. By his early 30s, he was a walking billboard for the “salt and pepper” look. And it still didn’t bother him until a chance encounter with an old friend. “Your hair’s all gray,” the friend said. “I didn’t even […]

What is YOUR “Rock-Star” Style?

Image is everything when you’re a rock star. Step on the stage and people are hungry for killer guitar riffs, amazing vocals, and mesmerizing beats. But the music is only part of the package, if you want to stand out and make a statement, you’ve also got to look the part. It’s a formula that […]

Hair Restoration Can Change the Way You Look AND Feel

When you start to lose your hair, it happens gradually. At first you might not even notice. You run through your usual grooming routine, shave, take a shower, and style your hair before heading out the door. Then one day, you notice that after a shower or combing your hair, you’re leaving more hair behind […]

Des Moines Hair Treatment

Men of Des Moines – confront your hair loss! You were pretty upset when you realized your hair was thinning. Even if you knew, in the back of your mind, that it was inevitable given your father’s lack of thick and luscious locks, you still did not think it would happen to you. In fact, […]

Best Hair Salon for Men

Why Signature Male Salon and Day Spa is the best hair salon for men If you’re looking for a haircut in West Des Moines, you have many options. If you are looking for fabulous haircut and much more, there is one simple solution. The best hair salon for men is Signature Male Salon and Day […]

Male Pattern Baldness Treatment

Male pattern baldness treatment from the finest salon for men in West Des Moines If you have noticed your hair thinning or hairline receding, you may be concerned about male pattern baldness. For the most effective, cutting-edge treatments come to Signature Male Salon and Day Spa, the premier West Des Moines men salon. Male pattern […]

Hair Transplant Services to Help You Feel Your Best

Hair Transplant – Services to help you look and feel your best If you are looking for a personal services business that focuses solely on issues important to men, in a male-centered atmosphere, you are in luck. Signature Male is recognized as the area leader in men’s services for all of their body and hair […]

Hair Loss Treatment Options

Des Moines Hair Loss Treatment Options Every man wants a full head of hair. Having thick hair makes a man’s appeal skyrocket. Whether those locks are blonde, dark, or gray, a woman is more likely to be attracted if he has hair over his entire head. This helps to explain why hair loss treatment for […]

Solutions for Your Thinning Hair

Signature Male has solutions for your thinning hair In years past, once you started to go bald, you just had to live with it. There were few options available for men who suffered thinning hair. Even a change in hair style (like “the comb-over”) did little to hide the appearance of hair that was thinning […]