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Bizarre Male Hair Loss Myths

male hair loss, men's thinning hair, hair loss myths, what causes men to lose their hair, losing my hair, When your hair starts to thin, well-meaning friends and relatives are full of advice. They all seem to know why you’re losing your hair and how to fix it. Of course, these helpful folks are most likely not doctors or experts in hair loss. They have just heard the same wives’ tales and folk lore we’ve all heard.

Some of the strangest hair loss myths we’ve come across:

  • Brushing your hair too often will cause your hair to fall out. While it may seem that you’re pulling your hair out when you brush, you are only dislodging the strands that have already fallen out.
  • Wearing a hat accelerates hair loss. This is one of the most common misconceptions. In very rare instances, wearing an extremely tight hat for long periods of time can cause what’s called traction alopecia. But wearing a hat as tight as it would need to be to make you lose your hair would also cause massive headaches and the wearer wouldn’t be able to wear it long enough to cause a problem.
  • Hanging upside-down will make your hair grow back. It’s been long-believed that increased blood flow can stimulate your hair follicles and increase hair growth. But whether this entails standing on your head or hanging off the side of the bed or the couch, there is no truth to this tale.
  • Hair loss comes only from genes on the mother’s side of the family. The truth is that there are roughly 200 genes involved in hair growth and regulation. Of course, this means that your mom’s genetic line is partially to blame, but so is your dad’s.

Those who are living with hair loss certainly want to find an answer and a “cure” to reverse balding. There is no specific, one-size-fits-all treatment for baldness or thinning hair, and hair loss myths only spread misinformation. But the experts at Signature Male can help you find the best solution for you. Each patient will have a confidential meeting with our hair loss specialist and will get a personalized plan of treatment.

There’s no need to live with hair loss. Visit Signature Male at 14225 University Avenue, STE 230 in Waukee to get started on the path to your hair loss solution. Schedule an appointment online today or call the salon at 515-224-4849.