Become a New You With a Relaxing Massage

relaxing massage in Des Moines, IowaIf you are like many guys, the idea of getting a massage may seem foreign. You like your beer cold and your whisky strong and women get massages. But here’s the thing: You may think you don’t need a massage, until you have a massage. This will open you up to a brand new world. It works out knots in muscles you never knew existed while reducing your levels of stress. If you’ve never had a relaxing massage before, you owe it to yourself to visit Signature Male, the best place in Des Moines for massages for men.

Improve Your Office and Gaming Lives

It’s amazing what kind of physical toll sitting in front of a computer all day can have on you. It tightens up your upper neck and back, which in turn impacts nearly your entire muscular system. Chances are even your forearms are tight and you don’t even know it. After just one massage session you’ll feel the tension melt away. This in turn can help improve your performance at the office and also on the court or field.

Avoid Injuries

If you were to stop and interview any professional athlete, they would probably tell you they receive regular massages. Why? Not only does it feel great but it helps them avoid injuries. When certain muscle areas are tight, the muscles don’t function as well as they should. It can lead to cramps or far more serious injuries. There’s a reason why when NBA players go down a trainer on the sideline is often massaging their calf and thigh. Scheduling a regular massage is far less expensive (and far more enjoyable) than seeing your doctor for an injury.

Let’s Face it: Your Partner Is No Masseuse

Ever have your significant other try to give you a relaxing massage? It’s nice that they try, but unless she’s a massage therapist, they have no idea what they are doing. Your “relaxing massage” will end up working nerves instead of muscles. Signature Male provides the real deal.

From the latest hair styles to relaxing massages, Signature Male has you covered. Some come on in, kick back and let our team of expert stylists and therapists take care of your every need. Book your appointment online HERE today and you’ll have nothing but relaxation to look forward to!

Valentine’s Day Special – Give Your Special Guy The Gift of Relaxation

Valentine’s Day, what a special time! It’s romantic. It’s special time for you both, and Signature Male Salon and Dayspa wants to help you make it even more special!

valentines day special des moines iowa
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Today through Friday, February 20th, we’re offering our Special Valentine’s Day Spa Package, normally a $109 value, for only $89.00.

You’ll receive:

  • 60 Minute Swedish Massage
  • 30 Minute Facial

What a spectacular way to tell your special someone “I Love You.”

Schedule your Valentine’s Day Special Spa Package TODAY by clicking the “Request Appointment” Button to the right of this page!

In the comments section, let us know you’re requesting the Valentine’s Day Special SPA PACKAGE and we’ll get it going for you! (all appointments for this discounted special must be made prior to the end of the day on Friday the 20th of February.)

We look forward to making you feel better than EVER this Valentine’s Day!

Of course, if you’d like to customize your own package, you can always purchase a Signature Male Salon and Dayspa gift card. Just click on the link below or go to the “Gift Cards” tab at in the menu.


What’s Old is New With These Fresh Hairstyles

signature male salon, undercut, high fade, fresh hairstylesTired of your current look? Looking for something fresh? Redefine yourself and the way you look with a new hair cut and style. With current trends, what’s old is new again, with an edge. So consider some of these fresh hairstyles for a brand new you.

Undercut with Thick Comb Over

Remember when you used to snicker at the comb over? Well, those days are over as the comb over is here – and it’s here to stay. The undercut presents a trim, neat side while the top remains long. Instead of the 90’s part, the hair is combed over to one side. Looking to add a bit more interest to the undercut? Now’s the time to bring back the Vanilla Ice shave in. Make the undercut your own with your own design. There’s no rules here, other than keep the neck shaved (you can do this at home) and the undercut trim. This is a popular style right now with the likes of David Beckham.

High Fade

You can do a ton with the high fade. The high fade stays nice and tight up to your hair line. From there you have a few options. You can keep it longer for a quiff and messy fringe look or use more of a messy brush up. The beauty of the high fade is you can switch between these two looks without heading back to the salon.

Dig the old 1920s look? You can go the way of Tom Hardy and use the high fade with a side part. This is like combining the high fade with the thick comb over. The hair tapers a bit by the fade (which can be extra pronounced with a trimmer) but it keeps the longer hair neater on the top. Think of it as an update on the 1920s gangster look. Sophisticated with an edge. Gotta love that

Slicked Back High Fade

Notice a pattern? The high fade is in. With the slicked back look, you’ll comb the long top hair back and use styling moose to maintain a wet hair look. This is best done with a beard as it adds a bit of symmetry to your face. Just make sure to take care of the beard and use proper oils to keep it healthy. Don’t be the guy with the unkempt beard. Colin McGregor, the fighter, rocks this ultra-masculine kind of look.

Are you ready for a new look and fresh hairstyles? Schedule your appointment online HERE, call us at 515.224.4849, or visit our salon at 14225 University Avenue, Suite 230 in Waukee!

New Year, New You!

New year new you, happy new yearEvery January, throngs of people vow to make changes for the new year. They swear that THIS year they will lose weight, quit smoking, spend more time with friends, take a college course, run a marathon, write a book. Sadly, many of these plans fall through and fail quickly and spectacularly. Most of us are guilty of spending a ton of money to acquire the accoutrements for whatever grand adventure we have planned only to spend the next 11 months watching them slowly gather dust.

Signature Male has a better idea!

The new year provides an opportunity for a fresh start. You are given carte blanche to make positive changes in your life, and Signature Male has a myriad of quick, easy and fun ways to do just that!

  • Consult with one of our expert stylists to find a new, fresh look for 2017
  • Resolve to take time for yourself and set up your first Hot Stone Massage
  • Hand and foot detailing is a quick and subtle way to amp up your style and make yourself feel great
  • Let 2017 be the year you finally do something about thinning hair or bald spots
  • Freshen up your look and lower your stress levels with one of our relaxing facial packages
  • If you want a “clean slate” for 2017, visit Signature Male and look into our waxing options

While New Year’s Resolutions have a tendency to fall apart, there’s nothing wrong with setting smaller “goals” for yourself for the new year! In today’s day and age, it’s common for men to forget to take care of themselves and many forget exactly HOW to relax. It’s easy to become complacent about your hairstyle, your stylist, those stress headaches that start Monday morning and last through Friday at quitting time. Let 2017 be the year you put yourself first!

Resolve to allow yourself some “ME” time! Visit Signature Male at 14225 University Avenue, Suite 230 in Waukee today to get started! You can also call us at 515.224.4849, or simply schedule an appointment online and let the New Year reveal a new, relaxed YOU!

The Perfect Holiday Gift for HIM!

The holiday season is upon us and we are challenged once again to find the perfect gift for those we love. Do you find yourself wandering the aisles of the local hardware or sports store, searching for essentially the same gift you gave the man in your life LAST year? Now is the time to break the cycle!

holiday gift crd for men
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This year, give the gift of relaxation and style! Perhaps your father has been going to the same barber for years and still isn’t satisfied with the cut, style or service he’s received. Is your husband under a lot of pressure at work and feeling the effects of stress, such as headaches and muscle pain? Maybe your brother is gunning for a big promotion and could use a little professional styling to give him an edge.

Signature Male Salon and Day Spa has the perfect gift for ANY man on your Christmas list!

Our gift cards are ideal for any man who could use a leisurely day at the spa. You set the price – anywhere from $25-$425 – to give the gift of relaxation at ANY level! Signature Male offers men the very best in:

If you’re looking for the perfect gift this holiday season for that special man in your life, look no further than Signature Male Salon and Day Spa! Customize a gift card just for him to cover any range of spa and styling combinations to make this the most memorable Christmas yet!

Upon purchase, you will receive an email receipt with a link to download your gift card to print. Then simply bring the downloaded card and the receipt to Signature Male and choose the perfect combination from our menu of style and relaxation options!

Signature Male makes shopping for the perfect gift even easier. Click HERE to go straight to the Gift Card online store. Congratulations! Your Christmas shopping for the special men on your list is complete, all without battling crowds or standing in never ending lines!

Schedule a Signature Male appointment online by clicking HERE or the “Request Appointment” icon to the right, come visit us at 14225 University Avenue, Suite 230, in Waukee or give us a call at 515.224.4849.


Get Your First Haircut FREE at Signature Male!

Who doesn’t need a free haircut – especially when that cut comes from central Iowa’s premier men’s salon and dayspa?

NEW CUSTOMERS get your first haircut FREE*

free mens hair cut des moines iowa

Schedule your first haircut and come see what Signature Male service is really all about – YOU.

From the moment you walk into the shop, the focus is on taking care of you and making you feel relaxed and welcome. Enjoy an ice-cold beer, courtesy of the Signature Male staff, and catch up on the biggest game of the day. Get spoiled by our friendly and knowledgeable expert stylists – you’ll walk out of our salon feeling and looking relaxed, refreshed and ready to take on the world! Once you’ve had the Signature Male experience, you won’t want to go anywhere else!

You work hard and you deserve to look good and to feel even better!

Click here to schedule your FREE haircut today!

The atmosphere at Signature Male is designed with YOU in mind. You will feel relaxed and at home in our “man-cave” style retreat, where you can let yourself relax and be catered to by the top stylists and massage therapists in central Iowa!

For our new customers, simply schedule your first Signature Male haircut online by clicking the link above. Then, you’ll need to schedule and pay for your next haircut to qualify for the FREE haircut at your first appointment. Or, you can call our salon at 515-224-4849 or come see us at 14225 University Avenue, Suite 230 in Waukee for more information!

Mention the First Haircut Special and we’ll set you up right away!

*Receive your first hair cut at Signature Male free when you schedule and pay for your next cut of equal or greater value.



Get Your Own Cubs’ Hair Style – Talent Not Included


After a drought of over 100 years, the Chicago Cubs have broken the curse and won their first World Series Championship since 1908! No matter who you were rooting for, it was one heck of a series, with both the Cubs and the Cleveland Indians showing incredible talent, resiliency, sportsmanship and love of the game.

Looking at the varying hair styles and facial hair types, one could start to wonder if the true strength came from their hair, much like the Biblical Samson. To be honest, none of the Chicago gents is sporting long, flowing locks, but we could all learn a little something from their diverse styles.

Well, maybe not these styles…

Chicago Cubs Crazy Suit Road Trip, men's style  Chicago Cubs rookies, David Ross Twitter

Cubs’ hair style covers a lot of great looks. Here are a few you can ask for when you come to Signature Male:

jake Arrieta,, chicago cubs style

Jake Arrieta: A full, trimmed beard with a controlled, short cut. Takes a little more maintenance to keep the beard looking that good.

kris bryant style, kris bryant haircut

Kris Bryant: The ultimate pretty boy cut, keeping it fun with a little lift. A dab of hair product helps create this young look.


Javier Baez: A neat and trim fade, with a clean chin. It’s easy to look this good as long as you stay on top of new growth.

Whether you’re breaking a baseball curse or just cheering on your team from the local watering hole, Signature Male has the expert staff to help you look like a champion! Try one a Cubs’ hair style or find your own. Stop in to our shop at 14225 University in Waukee, schedule your appointment ONLINE or give us a call at 515-224-4849 today!

A Signature Male Scalp Treatment Melts Away Stress

Tension headaches: you hate ’em, right? So do we! But the experts at Signature Male Salon & Day Spa know just how to relieve that tension and melt away your stress headaches. Visit us today for a Signature Scalp Treatment Massage and learn how to really live!

scalp treatment, scalp massage, male scalp massage, benefits of scalp massageScalp massage has many benefits, with relaxation being number one with an immediate reward. If you’ve ever had your hair thoroughly washed and conditioned when getting a haircut, you already know about this fringe bonus.

What are some other benefits of a Signature Male Scalp Treatment?

  • Enhances blood flow to the scalp, helping to make your hair more vibrant and lustrous
  • Relieves migraines and other headaches through loosening muscles at certain pressure points
  • Lifts your mood the the increased release of serotonin and dopamine, which are your basic reward and pleasure hormones
  • Promotes deeper, more rejuvenating sleep, by diminishing the hormone cortisol – responsible for the “fight or flight” response
  • Soothes a dry, flaky scalp without harsh chemical shampoos by disbursing your own natural oils and removing dead skin cells

The Signature Scalp Treatment is a perfect lead-in to the Signature Cut. The full treatment starts with a tension-relieving neck and head massage using a massage oil that restores and conditions the hair. Then your stylist will follow up with a therapeutic treatment to stimulate the scalp and relax the body. You will walk out of our salon feeling relaxed, invigorated and ready to take on whatever life throws at you.

What are you waiting for? Schedule your appointment online today or give us a call at 515-224-4849 and start your regular scalp treatment regimen to put you on the path toward better sleep and a better life!

Bizarre Male Hair Loss Myths

male hair loss, men's thinning hair, hair loss myths, what causes men to lose their hair, losing my hair, When your hair starts to thin, well-meaning friends and relatives are full of advice. They all seem to know why you’re losing your hair and how to fix it. Of course, these helpful folks are most likely not doctors or experts in hair loss. They have just heard the same wives’ tales and folk lore we’ve all heard.

Some of the strangest hair loss myths we’ve come across:

  • Brushing your hair too often will cause your hair to fall out. While it may seem that you’re pulling your hair out when you brush, you are only dislodging the strands that have already fallen out.
  • Wearing a hat accelerates hair loss. This is one of the most common misconceptions. In very rare instances, wearing an extremely tight hat for long periods of time can cause what’s called traction alopecia. But wearing a hat as tight as it would need to be to make you lose your hair would also cause massive headaches and the wearer wouldn’t be able to wear it long enough to cause a problem.
  • Hanging upside-down will make your hair grow back. It’s been long-believed that increased blood flow can stimulate your hair follicles and increase hair growth. But whether this entails standing on your head or hanging off the side of the bed or the couch, there is no truth to this tale.
  • Hair loss comes only from genes on the mother’s side of the family. The truth is that there are roughly 200 genes involved in hair growth and regulation. Of course, this means that your mom’s genetic line is partially to blame, but so is your dad’s.

Those who are living with hair loss certainly want to find an answer and a “cure” to reverse balding. There is no specific, one-size-fits-all treatment for baldness or thinning hair, and hair loss myths only spread misinformation. But the experts at Signature Male can help you find the best solution for you. Each patient will have a confidential meeting with our hair loss specialist and will get a personalized plan of treatment.

There’s no need to live with hair loss. Visit Signature Male at 14225 University Avenue, STE 230 in Waukee to get started on the path to your hair loss solution. Schedule an appointment online today or call the salon at 515-224-4849.

Men’s Manicures Offer Quick Relaxation

man manicure, men's manicures, male manicure, male hand detailingMen’s manicures are quickly becoming a common practice all over the country. While nicely manicured hands used to only be acceptable for the wealthy, high-society types, any Tom, Dick or Harry is welcome for a little pampering.

Many men are intimidated by the women’s salons that are out there, with lots of talk and brightly colored polish and French tips. Men of Des Moines, you don’t have to brave the ladies’ shops! Signature Male is here for YOU. Come relax in our stylish man-cave of a salon with comfortable leather furniture and an ice cold beer as soon as you arrive.

If you’ve never had one before, you may ask why you should bother getting a manicure:

  1. Sure, you can cut your own fingernails at home, but when was the last time you paid any attention to your cuticles? When your hands get dry and rough and over-used, you end up with painful hangnails. Hand detailing trims and moisturizes your cuticles to keep them looking healthy.
  2. Celebrities like David Beckham, Kobe Bryant, Johnny Depp and Floyd Mayweather have all been seen getting their hands taken care of. if it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for you!
  3. Hand maintenance says a lot about a man. Hands that are well-taken care of with trimmed and clean nails give the impression of money, class and power as well as letting the ladies know you take care of yourself. How you care for your hands says a lot about how you take care of the rest of your body.
  4. Did we mention relaxation? Having your hands massaged is exceptionally soothing and can melt away stress in a short period of time for not a lot of money. And you can keep your clothes on.

Hand detailing includes a trim, massage and optional paraffin treatment to keep your hands smooth and young looking. Schedule your appointment online today and see what all the fuss is about!